Judge Urges SEC Decision on Transforming Celsius Network into Bitcoin Mining Firm

New York Judge Calls for Expedited SEC Decision

America's securities regulator, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has been urged to quickly decide on a proposal to transform Celsius Network, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lender, into a bitcoin mining firm. Judge Martin Glenn, who oversees the bankruptcy proceedings of Celsius, called on the SEC to expedite the decision-making process during a court hearing. He emphasized the need for a prompt decision as Celsius and its creditors have progressed rapidly through Chapter 11.

Repayment Proposal to Partially Repay Frozen Accounts

The proposed plan aims to partially repay customers whose accounts have been frozen since before Celsius filed for bankruptcy in June 2022. The repayment will be made using a combination of cryptocurrency and stock in the new publicly traded mining entity. The management team of the mining entity will be led by Arrington Capital.

Judge's Ruling and SEC Approval

Judge Glenn stated that he would issue a ruling on the matter as soon as possible. However, even if the ruling favors the proposed transformation, it would still require approval from the SEC. In the event that the plan to exit Chapter 11 fails, Celsius may have to liquidate.

Support and Challenges to the Repayment Proposal

The repayment proposal has received widespread support from creditors. However, some of Celsius' customers are challenging the plan, as they prefer liquidation, which would result in receiving more cryptocurrency instead of shares in a new company that has yet to establish itself in the market. Additionally, there have been complaints about the fees paid to bankruptcy advisers who work to secure creditor support for the plan.

SEC Lawsuit Against Celsius

In July of this year, the SEC sued Celsius, accusing the failed crypto lender and its former CEO, Alexander "Alex" Mashinsky, of making fraudulent promises for the platform's "Earn Interest Program" and misleading investors about the company's financial state. The SEC also highlighted that investors were unable to withdraw billions of U.S. dollars in crypto assets when the business started to collapse.

What are your thoughts on the SEC's potential approval of Celsius' proposed transformation and repayment plan? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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By: Lubomir Tassev
Title: Judge Urges SEC Decision on Transforming Celsius Network into Bitcoin Mining Firm
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/judge-urges-for-sec-decision-on-planned-celsius-restart-as-crypto-miner/
Published Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2023 03:30:59 +0000

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