The Rise of Stablecoin Trading in Brazil: Tether Dominates the Market


The Brazilian Tax Authority (RBF) has recently acknowledged the significant growth in stablecoin trading within the country's cryptocurrency market. In particular, Tether's USDT has emerged as the most transacted stablecoin, with a trading volume of over 271 billion reals (approximately $54 billion) since 2019.

Stablecoins Surpass Cryptocurrencies

The RBF reports a "vertiginous growth" in the trading of stablecoins, which are tokens tied to the value of other currencies. These stablecoins offer more stability in value compared to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), making them increasingly attractive as a means of payment.

Leading Stablecoins in Brazil

According to data received from exchanges, Tether's USDT, USD Coin (USDC), and BRZ (a Brazilian real-pegged stablecoin) are the most traded stablecoins in Brazil. Among them, USDT dominates with the highest trading volumes, accounting for 80% of all transactions in 2023.

USDT's Market Dominance

The Brazilian tax authority confirms USDT's leadership in the local cryptocurrency market, emphasizing its potential impact on future regulatory oversight. During the first two quarters of 2023, USDT transactions amounted to over $18 billion, representing more than 80% of the total trading volume for that period.

Implications for Tax and Regulatory Scenario

The increasing prominence of stablecoins, particularly Tether, has prompted the Brazilian tax authority to closely monitor their use. The institution acknowledges that the rise of stablecoins could have significant implications for the tax and regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies in the country.

Tether's CEO Responds

Tether's CEO, Paolo Ardoino, attributes the growth of USDT adoption in Brazil to its usefulness in solving real-world problems. He explains that when a product effectively addresses the needs of users, it naturally gains traction and popularity.

Brazilian Preference for Stablecoins

In January, Brazilian experts highlighted the reasons behind the preference for stablecoins over traditional currencies like the US dollar. Factors such as the absence of administration or performance fees, as well as the presence of a 24-hour liquid market, make stablecoins an attractive option for hedging against devaluation and inflation.


The prevalence of Tether's USDT in the Brazilian cryptocurrency market reflects the growing popularity of stablecoin trading. As stablecoins continue to dominate the market, it is essential for regulators and tax authorities to adapt their frameworks to address the implications of this shift. The rise of stablecoins in Brazil signifies a significant development in the country's digital currency landscape.

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