US Economy Achieves ‘Soft Landing’ as Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, Remains Optimistic

Janet Yellen Affirms 'Soft Landing' Scenario for US Economy

Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary and former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, is confident that the recent positive developments in the American economy indicate a successful 'soft landing.' Yellen specifically highlights the low inflation figures and the robust labor market as indicators of this favorable outcome.

Yellen asserts that the US economy has made significant progress over the past six months. She declares that the current state of affairs can be described as a 'soft landing' scenario, which occurs when measures implemented by the Federal Reserve, such as interest rate hikes, effectively curb inflation without triggering a recession.

Citing the latest labor market and inflation data, Yellen supports her claims by emphasizing the sustained strength of the labor market. She notes that the unemployment rate has consistently remained below 4% for 23 consecutive months, a remarkable feat not observed in the past 50 years. Additionally, the economy added 216,000 jobs in December, further contributing to its positive trajectory.

Yellen expressed her views in a recent X post, stating:

The American people, workers, and businesses have played a crucial role in steering us towards a soft landing. The President's economic agenda has provided them with the necessary tools for economic growth, including significant investments in infrastructure, clean technology, and semiconductors.

Yellen also acknowledged the significant progress made in curbing inflation over the past six months. Nevertheless, she acknowledged that further efforts are required to address inflationary concerns related to housing and food prices, which have remained high. She also highlighted that recent polls indicate a growing sense of optimism among Americans about their future.

Yellen's current statements align with her remarks from December, where she emphasized that while there is always a risk of a recession, she did not believe it to be particularly high at that time. She explained that people would gradually start feeling more positive about the economy over time.

What are your thoughts on Janet Yellen's assertion of a 'soft landing' scenario? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: US Economy Achieves ‘Soft Landing' as Janet Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, Remains Optimistic
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