Unveiling FTX Trustees’ Hefty SOL Stake Amid Bankruptcy Proceedings

Unveiling an interesting development in the blockchain realm, the trustees of the now-insolvent FTX exchange are in the process of supervising its bankruptcy proceedings. The trustees have pledged a substantial 5.5 million Solana (SOL) for staking purposes. The current market value of FTX's total Solana holdings is an impressive $1.16 billion. It's noteworthy to mention that a sizeable portion of these assets will remain in a lock-up period, with full release slated for 2028.

Massive SOL Transfer Detected by Whale Alert

On October 13, Whale Alert reported a transfer of 5.5 million SOL. Following this disclosure, onchain investigator Ashpool determined that the substantial quantity of SOL belonged to the FTX estate. Ashpool further noted that the funds were allocated to the validator Figment for staking purposes.

The Potential Rewards of SOL Staking

The benefits of SOL staking can differ. Some claim that SOL staking has traditionally provided around 5.5% APY. However, others propose that SOL staking could yield up to 14.47% APY, dependent on the chosen staking platform. Rewards for staking in Solana are distributed approximately every 2-3 days, although the exact frequency of rewards can alter based on network circumstances and other factors.

FTX's Estate and its SOL Holdings

FTX's estate holds approximately $1.16 billion in SOL, but not all of it is instantly available. 12 million of FTX's SOL holdings are planned to be released in increments every 30 days until 2027. An additional 34.52 million SOL is anticipated to be gradually unlocked every month until 2028. Both of these holdings are disbursing monthly SOL that FTX has the choice to sell or stake. Interestingly, FTX retains the option to sell the keys to the entire vested holding before its formal release.

Discussion on FTX Estate's SOL Staking

What are your views about the FTX estate staking 5.5 million SOL? We'd love to hear your insights and viewpoints on this topic. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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