Trezor Issues Security Alert Following Phishing Attack and Data Breach

Trezor Alerts Users to Phishing Risk After Security Breach

Trezor, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet, has recently issued a critical security alert in response to a breach in its support ticketing system. This breach has potentially exposed the personal contact information of over 66,000 customers, raising concerns about possible phishing attacks.

Unauthorized Access Detected

On January 17th, 2024, Trezor identified unauthorized access to a third-party support ticketing portal, which may have compromised the contact details of up to 66,000 customers. The breach was discovered at 20:20 CET, and immediate measures were taken to prevent further unauthorized access.

Potential Exposure of Customer Information

While the security of users' digital assets remains intact, there is a possibility that customers' names and email addresses have been exposed since December 2021. Trezor has reached out to all potentially affected users to warn them about the increased risks of phishing attacks targeting their recovery seeds.

Malicious Actor Contacts Users

Although no recovery seed phrases have been disclosed, the malicious actor contacted 41 users directly via email, requesting sensitive information. Trezor's internal audit also revealed that the contact details of 8 people who created accounts on their trial discussion platform might have been compromised.

Importance of Vigilance and Best Practices

Trezor emphasizes the importance of vigilance and cybersecurity best practices in light of this incident. The company reassures its customers that their hardware wallets and funds remain secure and reminds them that Trezor Support will never ask for recovery seeds through any communication channels.

Precautions and Investigation

As a precautionary measure, Trezor advises all users to be cautious of any unusual or suspicious contact attempts and to verify the legitimacy of any communication claiming to be from Trezor Support. The investigation into the full scope of the data breach is ongoing, and Trezor is working closely with the third-party service provider to resolve the issue.

Affected users are encouraged to reach out to Trezor's support team for any concerns or to report suspicious activity.

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