Crypto Snipers Strike Gold as Traders Earn Millions in SAVM Token Launch Frenzy

Lone Sniper Hits $7 Million Jackpot, Trio of Traders Net $1 Million Apiece During SAVM Crypto Launch

A recent report from Arkham Intelligence has revealed that the launch of the satoshivm (SAVM) token two days ago resulted in three skilled crypto traders, known as 'snipers,' earning a profit of $1 million each. Among these snipers, one address stood out as the most successful, achieving a remarkable gain of over a million dollars in under 40 minutes.

Crypto Snipers and the SAVM Launch

According to Arkham Intelligence, crypto snipers capitalized on the recent satoshivm (SAVM) launch, managing to make substantial profits. Sniping refers to the practice of executing crypto trades with exceptional speed and precision to gain a strategic advantage. This strategy involves setting parameters in advance for immediate purchasing upon a new token's launch and utilizing automated trading bots. Market data from shows that SAVM initially debuted at $6.83 per unit and is currently trading between $9.48 and $14.13 over the past day.

Arkham reported, "When SAVM launched 2 days ago, over $3 [million] of ETH attempted to snipe the token as soon as liquidity was deployed. It was a knife fight – with the top 3 most successful snipers all making over $1 [million] each, in under 12 hours. The largest sniping address, 0x278, bought 2 million SAVM for [$333,000], selling it over the next half an hour for a total of $1.7 [million]." Arkham added that although they had to pay [$350,000] to ensure their transaction was included in the block, they ended up making over a million dollars in just 40 minutes.

Individual Snipers' Profits

Arkham provided further details on the profits earned by the snipers. The second-largest participant invested $220,000, allowing them to acquire 450,000 SAVM tokens. However, this trader incurred additional expenses of nearly $300,000 for transaction inclusion. In total, they made slightly over $1 million in profits, with the remaining SAVM valued at $120,000.

The last sniping traders distributed their purchases among five different accounts, with each account buying approximately 15 ETH. This strategy involved an investment of 90 ETH to secure 191,000 SAVM tokens. Over the next nine hours, these tokens were gradually sold, resulting in 618.4 ETH or $1.5 million in profits. Lookonchain researchers disclosed that another sniper made nearly $7 million in profit from sniping activities.

According to Lookonchain's X account, a single trader earned an astonishing $6.77 million in just three hours from trading SAVM. This trader utilized the Bananagun trading bot and paid a substantial bribe fee of 141.66 ETH to secure the advantageous position of being the first purchaser of SAVM on its opening day. The trader acquired 2.61 million SAVM, incurring a total expense of 277.66 ETH or approximately $681,000.

The Debate Around Crypto Sniping

The practice of crypto sniping has sparked numerous discussions. The debate primarily centers around the use of sniper bots in crypto trading. The employment of these bots is controversial, as it raises concerns about market integrity and potential manipulative practices. Sniper bots can provide unfair market advantages, leading to price distortions and putting individual traders at a disadvantage, as they are unable to match the bots' speed and effectiveness.

While this is a nuanced topic, supporters of sniping argue that it is a groundbreaking approach that involves risks unfamiliar to traditional traders. Bot trades may not always succeed, transactions can fail, and market responses can be entirely unpredictable. Those who employ sophisticated tools like sniper bots need to possess boldness, tactical skill, and sometimes invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure an advantage in the highly competitive crypto trading arena.

What are your thoughts on the practice of crypto sniping? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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