Rising Optimism in Digital Assets Drives Strongest Inflows Since July 2022: Coinshares Report

The digital asset market closed out October with a surge of optimism, resulting in a remarkable $326 million in fund inflows. According to Coinshares' latest digital asset fund flows report, this marks the largest single-week gain in one and a half years.

Record-Breaking Inflows Propel the Digital Asset Market

Coinshares' Volume 155 report highlights the increasing optimism and a higher rate of inflows in the digital asset market. Bitcoin (BTC) dominated the inflows, accounting for 90% of the total at $296 million. This demonstrates market confidence despite recent price increases. Coinshares researchers also observed significant inflows into various alternative digital assets. However, ethereum (ETH) experienced a $6 million outflow, indicating a lack of renewed optimism for this particular cryptocurrency.

The report further reveals that the market is responding positively to the current conditions, with BTC leading in terms of investor interest and capital allocation. Interestingly, the research also notes a $15 million influx into short bitcoin investment products, highlighting a segment of the market that is hedging against potential future declines in bitcoin's value. Last week, BTC's climactic rise to $35,000 wiped out $232 million in short positions in a single day.

Investor interest in Solana (SOL) has also increased, with $24 million in inflows reported. This suggests a broader interest among investors beyond bitcoin, with alternative assets like SOL gaining traction and capturing a significant portion of market activity. Coinshares emphasizes the importance of diversification in the digital asset market, as it presents potential opportunities within various market segments.

The crypto market report highlights that total assets under management (AUM) now stand at $37.8 billion, the highest since May 2022. Regionally, only 12% of the inflows came from the U.S., totaling $38 million. Coinshares attributes this to investors awaiting a spot-based exchange-traded fund (ETF). Canada ($134 million), Germany ($82 million), and Switzerland ($50 million) led in investments. Coinshares further notes that Asia saw its largest weekly influx at $28 million.

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3 Ways to Invest Gold for Retirement

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Rising Optimism in Digital Assets Drives Strongest Inflows Since July 2022: Coinshares Report
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/coinshares-report-shows-rising-optimism-in-digital-assets-drives-strongest-inflows-since-july-2022/
Published Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2023 10:00:49 +0000

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