’s VERSE Token to Make Groundbreaking Debut on Polygon Network

Introduction, a trailblazer in democratizing cryptocurrency access, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its VERSE token on the Polygon PoS chain. This groundbreaking move follows the Verse community's first-ever direct vote, a process that underscores's commitment to community-driven decision-making and amplifies the ethos of decentralization.

Why Polygon?

The decision to launch on Polygon perfectly aligns with's mission to enhance economic freedom through blockchain technology. Polygon is renowned for its low-fee, high-speed transaction architecture, making it an ideal platform for trading, DeFi, web3 games, and more. By launching on Polygon, VERSE will significantly expand its range of use cases, attracting more participants to the growing ecosystem.

Community Governance expresses its gratitude to the Verse community for actively participating in this crucial decision-making process. The overwhelming 71.67% of votes in favor of launching VERSE on Polygon reflects a community dedicated to the principles of decentralization and self-governance.

"This is more than just a technology play; it's a leap towards fulfilling our mission of democratizing financial freedom. We're incredibly excited about the new opportunities that launching on Polygon will bring to our community, and we're thankful for the strong show of support in our first-ever direct vote," said Dennis Jarvis, CEO of

Next Steps is in the advanced stages of integrating VERSE with the Polygon network and will be rolling out updates in the near future. The community is encouraged to stay engaged as there are more exciting community votes planned.

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VERSE is the rewards and utility token for users who contribute to and participate in the ecosystem. Launched in December 2022, the VERSE token aims to expand access to decentralized finance and unlock the economic freedom it provides. Since its launch, VERSE has rapidly integrated into web3 platforms, as demonstrated by the partnership and integration overviews in August and September.


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Title:’s VERSE Token to Make Groundbreaking Debut on Polygon Network
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Published Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2023 11:00:03 +0000

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