Platypus Exploiters Cleared of Wrongdoing: Landmark Case Ends in Acquittal

Platypus Hackers Acquitted After Perpetrating $9 Million Exploit

Mohammed and Benamar M., two brothers who were accused of exploiting Platypus, an automated market maker (AMM) platform based on Avalanche, have been acquitted of any criminal wrongdoing in a landmark case for French justice. The judge in charge stated that the individuals had simply interacted with a smart contract that exceeded its intended capabilities.

Exploit Details: $9 Million Siphoned from Platypus

In the case involving the exploit of Platypus, a stablecoin-focused AMM platform, the Paris Judicial Court has dropped charges against Mohammed and Benamar M. The two brothers were accused of accessing a computer system, money laundering, and concealment. They managed to siphon over $9 million from Platypus' smart contract using an exploit.

The individuals, who were arrested in February, did not deny their involvement in the exploit. Mohammed, in particular, admitted to his actions but claimed that he had acted as a "white hat hacker" to help the platform identify and fix its bugs.

Mohammed explained that he exploited the emergency withdrawal function of Platypus' smart contract with the intention of returning the funds later and receiving a bonus of at least 10% of the amount involved. This approach has become a common trend in recent hacking attempts.

Unfortunately, Mohammed lost control of an address that now holds nearly $8.5 million, which is currently unrecoverable. In another attempt, he managed to withdraw over $280,000 from the smart contract. He then sent the funds to a mixing service to obscure their source before ultimately transferring $13,000 to his brother, Benamar.

Judge's Ruling and Future Implications

The court dismissed the charge of unauthorized access to a computer system, as Mohammed had only interacted with a smart contract that exceeded its intended capabilities. The judge also rejected charges of money laundering and concealment.

However, the defense's claim of ethical hacking was not accepted by the judge. He stated that the defendants could still face civil proceedings in relation to their actions.

According to Le Monde, the judge said, "You still have a debt linked to the loan, and Platypus will probably take legal action against you. This decision is therefore not straightforward, as the charges do not hold up on a criminal level."

Platypus' History of Exploits

Platypus has experienced three separate exploits this year, resulting in a total loss of over $11 million. These incidents highlight the vulnerabilities within the platform and the need for enhanced security measures.

What are your thoughts on the outcome of the Platypus exploit case? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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