Lido Achieves 9 Million Ethereum Milestone as Rocket Pool Surpasses 1 Million in Defi’s Booming Staking Sector

Lido, the leading liquid staking protocol (LSP), has achieved a significant milestone by holding over 9 million ethereum within its system. This represents an impressive 77.81% of the total ethereum value locked in current LSPs, highlighting Lido's dominant position in the market.

Lido and Rocket Pool: Reaching New Heights with 9 Million and 1 Million Ether Milestones

The liquid staking industry, now valued in the billions, is led by Lido, the top liquid staking protocol in today's decentralized finance (defi) landscape. Liquid staking involves staking tokens while keeping the assets "liquid" or "unlocked," enabling various applications. This method allows stakers to earn rewards while maintaining access to their funds.

Lido has been at the forefront of this market for an extended period and, on November 21, 2023, achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 9 million in ether deposits. As of December 3, 2023, Lido holds a substantial 9.28 million ethereum (ETH) in deposits. Over the past 36 days, starting from October 27, 2023, the platform experienced an influx of 490,000 ether.

Lido's Dominance in the Market

Lido accounts for a commanding 77.81% of the market share among the 25 liquid staking protocols (LSPs). The second-largest player, Rocket Pool, recorded a deposit of 49,214 ether in the same 36-day period.

Rocket Pool's Achievement

Rocket Pool recently celebrated a significant milestone by surpassing the 1 million ETH mark in total value locked (TVL). While Lido and Rocket Pool observed deposits of 490,000 and over 49,000 ether respectively, Binance's LSP experienced a more modest increase of 3,459 ETH since October 27.

The Rise of Lido's STETH and Rocket Pool's RETH Tokens

In the realm of staking token derivatives, Lido's STETH ranks among the top ten crypto assets on platforms like However, it is not listed in the top ten on If STETH were recognized among the top ten crypto assets today, its market capitalization would rank it as the eighth largest.

On the other hand, Rocket Pool's RETH token currently holds the 52nd position among over 10,000 listed crypto assets. Additionally, LSPs account for more than 52% of the TVL in defi today, according to The milestones achieved by Lido and Rocket Pool highlight their combined control over 10 million locked ether, with a total worth of $22.28 billion.

What are your thoughts on Lido crossing the 9 million mark and Rocket Pool surpassing 1 million ether? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: Lido Achieves 9 Million Ethereum Milestone as Rocket Pool Surpasses 1 Million in Defi's Booming Staking Sector
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