Introducing the Beta Version of Netmind Power for Decentralized Machine Learning by NetMind AI

NetMind AI, an AI-centric technology start-up, has unveiled the Beta version of Netmind Power. This decentralized platform is designed to aid machine learning (ML) researchers and practitioners in training and fine-tuning ML models. It does so by harnessing a network of volunteer computing resources from across the globe. For a limited time, the Beta version is available for free, and users can now register to use the platform.

The Limited-Time Free Beta Version

NetMind Power is a decentralized ML platform that offers affordable and scalable computing power for AI model training. It does this by harnessing a broad international network of idle GPUs, such as those remaining from Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency mining. Any individual who owns one or more GPUs can connect them to the network and earn a reward for their contribution. This platform efficiently links providers of idle computing power with researchers and engineers in need of a cost-effective solution for their ML training needs, eliminating the requirement for in-house infrastructure investments or dependency on costly hyperscalers like AWS EC2.

This Beta launch offers AI and machine learning engineers a chance to get acquainted with the platform without any financial obligation.

Users are required to make minor modifications to their training code using a proprietary python library developed by NetMind.AI. The platform then simplifies a layer of complexity and is capable of automatically applying data parallelism and model parallelism to train models across multiple distributed machines. This results in quicker training times and the ability to train large language models at a very low cost.

Who is Eligible to Use the Beta?

Anyone interested in training or fine-tuning machine learning models is invited to join the Beta. This includes large corporations, small research labs, or individuals. Early adopters get the opportunity to use the platform's suite of AI modeling tools free of charge for a limited period, making it a valuable resource for AI engineers.

The NetMind Token: Where AI and Web3 Intersect

The NetMind Power platform is supported by blockchain technology. Upon its full general release, the NetMind Token (NMT) is set to become a key component of the NetMind ecosystem. The token is intended to have multi-dimensional functionality, serving as the utility token for the entire NetMind platform, where it will fulfill three main roles:

Medium of Exchange: Within the NetMind ecosystem, NMT will facilitate transactions, enabling users to access services, exchange computational resources, and more. Users will use NMT to pay for model training and inference services, while Volunteer Computing providers will receive NMT as a reward.

Governance: NMT holders will have the chance to participate in the platform's governance, influencing decisions, proposing changes, and voting on vital operational aspects. This decentralized approach aims to ensure that the platform remains adaptive, transparent, and genuinely community-driven.

Reward Mechanism: In recognition of its users' contributions, NetMind has established NMT as a reward. Crypto miners who offer their idle GPUs are rewarded with NMT, encouraging active participation within the community.

How to Sign Up

For those eager to test the available features of the NetMind Power platform, the Beta is currently live, and applications are being accepted. By registering now, early adopters can experience the platform's capabilities free of charge for a limited period.

To create an account and register for the Beta, users can visit the NetMind Power platform and follow the prompts.

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