Groundbreaking Ordinals Investment Fund Garners Attention from Institutional Investors

As the first active trading and investment fund devoted to Ordinals-related assets, the Unbroken Chain fund has successfully piqued the interest of institutional investors. Spearheaded by L. Asher Corson, a portfolio manager from Consolidated Trading, the fund has already established noteworthy alliances and is set to secure $5 million from limited partners.

Specialization in Diverse Ordinal Types

The unprecedented Ordinals trading fund will focus on an array of Ordinal types, including BRC-20 tokens, exclusive sats, and inscriptions. This development signifies a crucial shift for Ordinals, moving them from specialized ventures to a recognized asset class. The fund's general partners include influential figures such as Domo, the innovator of the BRC-20 token standard, UTXO Management from BTC Inc., and Isabel Foxen Duke, who previously served as the communications director for Ordinals creator Casey Rodarmor.

Institutional Interest in Ordinals as a Standalone Asset Class

Domo, the pioneer of the BRC-20 token standard, showed enthusiasm for the burgeoning institutional interest in Ordinals. He said, "The increasing institutional interest in Ordinals as a separate asset class, rather than a unique venture capital opportunity, is highly encouraging."

Initial Investments Stir the Ordinals Market

The Unbroken Chain fund has already influenced the Ordinals market with its initial investments. The fund notably purchased the Bitcoin Rock, sold for 3 BTC on September 21, 2023, marking a significant event as it was the first Bitcoin Rock purchase since March 7th. This event drew considerable interest from the Ordinals community.

Increased Institutional Involvement in Ordinals

Rocktoshi, the founder of Bitcoin Rocks, shared a marked image of the fund's announcement, stating, "The institutions are coming." David Bailey, UTXO Management investor and CEO of BTC Inc., expressed his enthusiasm, claiming, "We are delighted to pave the way for institutional investment directly into Ordinals assets."

Confidence in the Potential of Ordinals

The fund's goal to raise $5 million from limited partners reflects the confidence that investors have in the potential of Ordinals. With initial contributions already amounting to $1.5 million, it is clear that there is a robust demand for exposure to this emerging asset class.


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By: Bitcoin Magazine
Title: Groundbreaking Ordinals Investment Fund Garners Attention from Institutional Investors
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Published Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 15:30:00 GMT

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