Glassnode Study Reveals Bitcoin Supply Less Liquid Despite Market Gains

Bitcoin's Scarcity Defies Price Rally, as per Glassnode Study

A recent study conducted by Glassnode on onchain activities shows that the scarcity of the bitcoin supply has tightened, despite the significant increase in bitcoin's value this year. The study highlights that the inactivity of coins has reached both multi-year and unprecedented peaks.

Reflecting on the trend over the past year, BTC has experienced a surge of 71%, with a 114% increase from the beginning of the year until now. However, Glassnode's latest report indicates that the availability of bitcoin remains limited, primarily due to steadfast holders dominating the market.

Onchain Report Highlights Limited Bitcoin Movement

The onchain report reveals that 68.8% of bitcoin (BTC) has not moved in over a year. Additionally, the non-liquid supply index has reached a record-breaking 15.4 million BTC. This data suggests that long-term investors are holding onto their bitcoin at record levels, while short-term investors have significantly reduced their supply.

According to Glassnode, this growing gap between long-standing and recent investors indicates a solidifying of the bitcoin supply. Current investors show reluctance to sell their holdings, leading to a stark contrast between dormant and circulating supplies.

Declining Activity-to-Vaulting Ratio and Market Exuberance

Glassnode's newly introduced metric, the Activity-to-Vaulting Ratio, has been declining since June 2021, with a notable dip in trajectory after June 2022. This shift signifies a decrease in market exuberance from the 2021-22 cycle, according to Glassnode.

Furthermore, Glassnode's analysis of spending patterns indicates a trend of investor accumulation and retention rather than active trading. The Sell-Side Risk Ratio for short-term holders has increased, suggesting some profit-taking in the short run. In contrast, this metric remains historically low for long-term holders.

Boost in Investor Confidence and Wallet Activity

Glassnode's evaluation of wallet activity reveals an increase in wallet sizes across the board, indicating a boost in investor confidence. Retail investors, referred to as "Shrimps" and "Crabs," have absorbed 92% of the bitcoin mined since May 2022. "Shrimps" hold less than one bitcoin, "Crabs" hold 1-10 BTC, and "Fish" hold anywhere between 10-100 BTC.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Supply Tight and Impressive

Glassnode analysts conclude that the bitcoin supply is historically tight, with many supply metrics describing high levels of coin inactivity. This suggests that the bitcoin supply is tightly held, despite the strong price performance this year.

What are your thoughts on Glassnode's report about the tightening bitcoin supply? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: Glassnode Study Reveals Bitcoin Supply Less Liquid Despite Market Gains
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