Exploring the Seven-Week Downtrend of Non-Fungible Token Sales

The sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have continued to slide for the seventh consecutive week. This pattern has overseen total NFT transactions declining to $66.11 million in the last week, marking an 11.65% dip from the previous week's figures.

The Wider Cryptocurrency Market Contrasts NFT Trends

Despite an overall uplift in the broader cryptocurrency market, NFT sales have failed to exhibit the same positive pattern. The downturn persisted for seven weeks, with sales volumes of NFTs indicating a continuous decline.

A Silver Lining in NFT Sales Decline

Even with the week’s sales dropping 11.65% lower than the previous one, a glimmer of hope remains. The number of NFT purchasers and sellers experienced a significant increase, with a 17.77% rise in buyers and a 15.82% rise in sellers. According to data from cryptoslam.io, the Ethereum platform led NFT sales, contributing $38.10 million to the week's turnover.

Ethereum-based NFTs Dominating the Market

Interestingly, 57.63% of all NFTs sold during the week were Ethereum-based, underlining the platform's dominance. Nevertheless, the sales figures of ETH-based NFTs experienced a minor drop of 0.84% this week. Among the ensuing ranks, transactions of Mythos NFTs managed to secure second place, accumulating a commendable $8.79 million — up by 12.29% from the last week.

NFT Sales Making Waves in the Crypto World

Following closely, Solana completed the top three, with accrued sales of $6.86 million, showing a weekly rise of 8.87%. Leading the pack in current NFT sales, the Dmarket collection associated with Mythos stood victorious at $8.72 million, showing a 12.32% boost. The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) kept up the pace at $4.13 million, marking a bumper rise of 25.18%.

Other Noteworthy NFT Players

In the meantime, Polygon's Draftkings landed the third spot, fetching sales of $3.28 million. Though this represented a decline of 18.24%, Sorare's subsequent $2.87 million sales — up by 3.87%, kept spirits high. Cryptopunks also held their own, collecting $2.79 million, which signified an impressive 61.41% leap from the previous week.

Exceptional NFT Sales of the Week

Within the week, Cryptopunk #2367 made remarkable sales, accumulating a cool $143,062 in just 72 hours. BNB's Starcraft Planets #1498 was auctioned for $32,880 within a day, and Bitcoin's Ordinal Maxibiz managed to command a price tag of $30,646 on Magic Eden a few days ago.

Decline in Floor Prices of Superior NFT Collectibles

Significantly, the floor prices of blue-chip NFT collectibles witnessed a notable drop. Cryptopunks prices have reduced to 45 ether, whereas BAYC's NFTs saw a stark fall to 26.30 ether, according to nftpricefloor.com. This slump mirrors the broader downward trends observed in the valuation of blue-chip digital collectibles market.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Exploring the Seven-Week Downtrend of Non-Fungible Token Sales
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/nfts-cant-catch-a-break-as-protracted-drop-in-sales-continues/
Published Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2023 18:30:32 +0000

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