As El Salvador’s Bukele Approaches Re-Election, Bitcoin Entrenchment Deepens

Bitcoin Gains Institutional Support in El Salvador

With President Nayib Bukele’s re-election date less than three months away, Bitcoin is experiencing increased institutional support within El Salvador. This growing support indicates a strong foundation for the country’s experiment with Bitcoin as legal tender.

Election Season in El Salvador

The Republic of El Salvador is currently in the midst of election season, with the actual vote for President scheduled for February 4, 2024. President Bukele has consistently maintained an overwhelming lead over his competitors in polling, despite questions surrounding his eligibility for re-election. As of November 2023, the courts have officially declared his candidacy valid, setting the stage for a potential second term. While Bukele has gained popularity domestically for his anti-gang measures, his international recognition stems from his campaign to establish Bitcoin as legal tender.

El Salvador's Bitcoin Experiment

In September 2021, El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin as a valid currency, marking the beginning of an unprecedented experiment. This move was met with opposition from many global financial institutions, as it challenged the existing reliance on the US dollar as the sole legal tender. However, the adoption of Bitcoin offered various benefits, including the potential to streamline international remittances by eliminating traditional financial intermediaries.

Acceptance in the World Economy

Despite initial challenges, El Salvador's new economic model, driven by Bitcoin, is gaining acceptance in the global economy. In November, the nation's credit rating was upgraded by the S&P, citing efforts to manage debt obligations and maintain economic stability. Bitcoin has played a significant role in this stability, attracting increased tourism and foreign residents due to the ease of using the cryptocurrency in daily life.

Reluctance to Adopt Bitcoin

While Bitcoin has garnered a dedicated following, the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency in El Salvador has been met with some reluctance. President Bukele's reputation as a crimefighter has been a significant factor in his domestic popularity, potentially overshadowing the emphasis on Bitcoin. However, increasing institutional support is expected to prevent a decline in Bitcoin adoption.

Government Support and Private Investments

The government of El Salvador has actively supported the development of a domestic Bitcoin community by contributing to projects like the Lava Pool project. This initiative encourages local companies to engage in Bitcoin mining using renewable energy. Additionally, private firms are independently investing in Bitcoin adoption. For example, Distribuidora Morazán, the second-largest distributor of goods in El Salvador, has partnered with the wallet and API platform Blink to accept and promote Bitcoin among its 40,000 merchants.

Bitcoin ATM Upgrades

Bitcoin ATM providers Athena and Genesis Coin have announced plans to add Lightning Network functionality to Bitcoin ATMs across El Salvador. The Lightning Network enables faster and lower-fee transactions, making Bitcoin more accessible for small purchases. This upgrade aims to enhance the overall Bitcoin experience for Salvadorans.

El Salvador's Future with Bitcoin

El Salvador's Bitcoin experiment is poised to become an established economic institution. President Bukele's transformative efforts in his first term have laid a solid foundation, and with continued growth and support, the country could become a global model for Bitcoin adoption and innovation.


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By: Landon Manning
Title: As El Salvador’s Bukele Approaches Re-Election, Bitcoin Entrenchment Deepens
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Published Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2023 16:37:47 GMT

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