Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival — Top Tokens Eclipse Bitcoin’s Market Performance

Altcoin season, as indicated by the Altcoin Season Index from, has arrived. This index reveals that in the past 90 days, 75% of the top 50 altcoins have outperformed bitcoin.

Altcoins Ascend as Index Points to Season's Entry

In early December 2023, cryptocurrency enthusiasts eagerly awaited the potential onset of altcoin season. News reported on this trending topic, referencing's Altcoin Season Index, which scored a 47 out of 100.

At that time, the index indicated that it wasn't yet altcoin season as of December 9, 2023, based on its assessment. However, the current narrative painted by the index tells a different story.

A preserved snapshot from's index on January 14, 2024, clearly declares that "it's altcoin season." The index is now at 76 out of 100, with a score above 75 signaling the arrival of altcoin season.

The last time this level was observed was from the end of August 2022 until the end of September of the same year. According to the index's methodology, when 75% of the top 50 crypto tokens outperform bitcoin (BTC) over a 90-day period, it is officially considered altcoin season.

Altcoin season also occurred from the end of March 2021 to mid-June 2021. During this season, leading assets such as ORDI, SEI, INJ, SOL, ICP, AVAX, IMX, NEAR, and several others outperformed BTC.

ORDI saw a gain of 2,067%, while SEI gained 558.5%, surpassing BTC by a significant margin. In addition to the altcoin season index, ETH's market dominance has recently increased. Currently, on, ethereum (ETH) holds an 18% dominance rating, with bitcoin (BTC) at 49.8%.

On, ETH is at 17.2% and BTC is at 47.5%. The altcoin season's flash signal is a trending topic on social media, marking the first time in a while that the index has indicated such a trend.

Now, the burning questions are: how long will this altcoin season last, and will bitcoin's ascent pause or take a backseat amidst significant altcoin market fluctuations? Alternatively, this altcoin season could quickly fizzle out and fail to meet expectations.

What are your thoughts on the Altcoin Season Index reaching a score of 76 out of 100? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Title: Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival — Top Tokens Eclipse Bitcoin’s Market Performance
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Published Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2024 22:30:44 +0000

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