Why Vanguard Does Not Offer Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Explained

The Immaturity of Cryptocurrency as an Asset Class

Financial giant Vanguard has recently shed light on its decision not to make spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available on its trading platform. In a blog post titled "No Bitcoin ETFs at Vanguard? Here's why," Vanguard emphasized that cryptocurrency is still an immature asset class with limited history and no inherent economic value or cash flow. The firm believes that including cryptocurrencies in investment portfolios can potentially create havoc.

Vanguard's Stance on Crypto Products

Vanguard, which serves over 50 million investors worldwide and manages around $8 trillion globally, has gained attention for its decision to disallow clients from trading the newly approved spot bitcoin ETFs. The company also has no plans to launch its own spot bitcoin ETFs.

Janel Jackson, Vanguard's global head of ETF Capital Markets and Broker and Index Relations, explained the firm's viewpoint in the blog post. Vanguard sees crypto as more of a speculation rather than an investment, which is why it does not offer crypto products. Jackson emphasized that equities and bonds have inherent value and cash flows, while commodities meet consumption needs and have inflation-hedging properties. In contrast, cryptocurrency lacks these essential characteristics.

Vanguard's Interest in Blockchain Technology

Despite its reservations about cryptocurrency, Vanguard expressed a keen interest in blockchain technology. The firm believes that the application of blockchain to various industries beyond crypto can enhance the efficiency of capital markets. Vanguard has actively engaged in research on blockchain technology and its potential uses.

No Plans for Vanguard to Launch Crypto ETFs

Vanguard clarified that, considering the current state of crypto as an asset class, it does not have any plans to launch its own spot bitcoin ETF or any other crypto-related products. The firm thoroughly evaluates investment products based on their enduring investment merit and their ability to meet clients' needs. Vanguard's rigorous product launch process guides all its decisions.

What are your thoughts on Vanguard's explanation regarding spot bitcoin ETFs? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Two things are necessary if you want to make a profit on your investment. First, you need to understand the market. Second, you need to know what type of products you have.

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Can I put gold in my IRA?

The answer is yes It is possible to add gold to your retirement plans. Because it doesn't lose any value over time, gold is a great investment. It is also immune to inflation. You don't even have to pay taxes.

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This is a great option if you're looking for an easy way of investing in both silver and gold simultaneously. There are many other options. Contact us anytime if you have questions about these types investment options. We are always happy to assist!

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  • Silver must be 99.9% pure • (forbes.com)
  • You can only purchase gold bars of at least 99.5% purity. (forbes.com)
  • The IRS also allows American Eagle coins, even though they do not meet gold's 99.5% purity standard. (forbes.com)
  • To qualify as IRA allowable precious metals and be accepted by STRATA, the following minimum fineness requirements must be met: Gold must be 99.5% pure, silver must be 99.9% pure, and platinum and palladium must both be 99.95% pure. (stratatrust.com)

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How to Start Buying Silver with Your IRA

How to get started buying silver with your IRA – Owning physical bullion directly is the best way for you to invest in silver and gold. Bars and silver coins are the most common form of investment. They offer liquidity, diversification, and convenience.

If you want to buy precious metals like gold and silver, several options are available. You can purchase them directly through their producers, which include mining companies or refiners. You can buy them directly from the producer or a dealer who purchases and sells bullion.

This article will show you how to get started investing in silver using your IRA.

  1. Investing directly in Gold & Silver – This is your first choice for buying precious metals. This involves getting the bullion and having it delivered to your doorstep. Some investors decide to keep their bullion at their home while others prefer to store it in an insured storage facility. You should ensure that your precious metal is properly stored when you are preserving it. Many storage facilities offer insurance against fire, theft and damage. But even with insurance, you risk losing your investments due to natural disasters or human error. For these reasons, storing your precious metals in a safe deposit box at a bank or credit union is always recommended.
  2. Online Precious Metals Buying – If you prefer not to transport heavy boxes of precious metal around, then buying bullion online is an option. Bullion dealers sell bullion online in many forms, including coins or bars. Coins come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Coins are generally more convenient to carry than bars. Bars come with a range of weights and sizes. Bars come in a variety of sizes and weights. Some bars weigh hundreds while others weigh just a few pounds. It is important to think about what you intend to use the bar for when choosing the type of bar that you should buy. It might be a good idea to choose something smaller if it is intended to be given as a gift. You might spend more money if you plan to display it and add it to your collection.
  3. Precious Metals From Dealers – A third option to buying bullion is from a dealer. Most dealers are experts in one part of the market: gold or silver. Some dealers are experts in specific types of bullion such as rounds and minted coins. Others may specialize in specific areas. Others specialize in bulk buying. Regardless of which dealer you choose, you'll likely find that they offer competitive prices and convenient payment methods.
  4. Buy Precious Metallics from Retirement Accounts. While technically not an “investment”, it's possible to invest in retirement accounts to gain exposure. To qualify for tax benefits under Section 219 of the IRS Code, you must invest in precious metals through a qualified retirement account. These accounts include IRAs and 401(k), as well as 403(b), plans. These accounts are designed to help you save for retirement and often provide higher returns than other investment vehicles. In addition, most of these accounts allow you to diversify your holdings across multiple metals. But what's the downside? You can't invest in retirement accounts. These accounts can only, however, be accessed by those who work for an employer that sponsors them.


By: Kevin Helms
Title: Why Vanguard Does Not Offer Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Explained
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/vanguard-says-no-to-bitcoin-etfs-views-crypto-as-immature-asset-class-with-no-inherent-economic-value/
Published Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2024 01:00:24 +0000

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