Weekly Crypto Market Recap: Altcoins Surge as Bitcoin Stays Muted


The past week in the crypto economy has been filled with interesting developments. While bitcoin experienced a slight decline of 5.7% against the U.S. dollar, ethereum, on the other hand, enjoyed a significant uptick of 10.8%. But it was altcoins like SUI and ethereum name service (ENS) that stole the show, with impressive gains of 74% and 71% respectively in just seven days.

Altcoin Surge and Bitcoin's Decline

While bitcoin's price remained relatively stagnant and bearish, several alternative crypto assets saw substantial gains. Leading the pack was SUI, which soared an incredible 74% over the course of the week and an impressive 116% in the last month. Additionally, SUI experienced a 9.8% increase in the past 24 hours, solidifying its position as one of the top performers. ENS also witnessed a significant ascent, surging by 71.9%. METIS followed closely with a 50.5% increase during the same period.

Other Notable Altcoin Gains

Apart from SUI, other cryptocurrencies also made notable strides. HNT recorded a 47.4% increase, while BLUR and TIA rose by 38.8% and 38% respectively over the past week. On Monday, METIS, FLR, BNB, and LINK were the standout performers. METIS experienced an 8.4% rise, FLR appreciated by 8.3%, BNB grew by 4.2%, and LINK's valuation against the U.S. dollar soared by more than 15% in just 24 hours. However, there were also some significant declines observed during this period.

Declines in Altcoin and Bitcoin Prices

While altcoins were experiencing growth, some coins saw declines in their prices. BONK dipped by 6.5%, optimism (OP) fell by 5.5%, and despite ENS's overall weekly gain, it dropped 5.2% on Monday. The largest downturn was seen with stacks (STX), plunging 19.3%, and bittensor (TAO), which decreased by 10.2% over the week. Other notable decliners included BTC, VET, INJ, and BGB, with more than 24 coins declining between 1.5% to 6.5% against the U.S. dollar.

The Changing Landscape of Digital Assets

While bitcoin's performance remained lackluster compared to some altcoins, the overall trend indicates a diversifying market. Newer entrants like SUI and ENS are gaining prominence, showcasing the evolving landscape of digital assets. This week's trading activity serves as a reminder of the inherent volatility in the sector and the shifting preferences of crypto traders.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Weekly Crypto Market Recap: Altcoins Surge as Bitcoin Stays Muted
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/altcoins-thrive-while-bitcoin-dips-in-a-dramatic-week-of-crypto-trading/
Published Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 18:30:06 +0000

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