Unraveling the Weekend Gains of Bitcoin Cash and Tron

An exciting twist occurred as the weekend dawned, marking major gains for two widely-recognized cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tron (TRX). This rise concluded a period of slump for both digital currencies, stimulating positive momentum within the market. These notable gains seemingly signal promising potential for the digital currency market, fueled largely by the broader market sentiment following the latest U.S. nonfarm payrolls report.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)'s Weekend Resurgence

Standing as a notable contender among cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stirred the market on Saturday with a significant recovery. Resilience shone as BCH bounced back following its recent downturn. Bitcoin Cash demonstrated surefire recovery, waking from a slumber of continuous dips to post an impressive 2% gain, soaring as high as $234.82 at the outset of the weekend from a low of $227.13 the previous day.

The surge in price points towards an uptrend, where bullish market participants persistently drive the token upwards from a fresh support position at the $225.00 benchmark. The rebound aligns with an episode of buying the recent slump, where the relative strength index (RSI) coincided with a support line at 56.00.

As it stands, Bitcoin Cash's price strength stands at 58.60, setting the sights of the bulls on the next resistance point at 60.00. To soar over the $240.00 mark, which is reputedly the next bullseye for traders, the bulls need to overpower the aforementioned resistance level.

The Turnaround of Tron (TRX)

Simultaneously, another digital currency making headlines for the right reasons is Tron (TRX). Sailing away from a one-week low, the TRX commenced the weekend by terminating a chain of winless days that lasted for three consecutive days. The TRX to USD index marked a high watermark of $0.08818, recovering remarkably from its recent low of $0.08558 in less than 24 hours.

Paralleling Bitcoin Cash's trajectory, Tron's propelling to its day's peak was prompted by a brief surmounting of a crucial support level, positioned at $0.08550. Tron's price strength also showed an uphill trajectory on Saturday, rising back over the ground level at the 58.00 zone to now site at 58.45.

The upcoming milestone for Tron appears to sit at 61.00. Looking farther down the road, the digital currency has set its sights on a longer-term target of 68.00. If the TRX conquers these points in the forthcoming days, we might see Tron trading above the $0.09000 mark.

Behind the Recovery of BCH and Tron

The weekend resurgence of BCH and TRON has certainly rekindled the sparks in the cryptocurrency market. It's debatable as to what prompted this recovery, and insights on this development are more than welcome.

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By: Eliman Dambell
Title: Unraveling the Weekend Gains of Bitcoin Cash and Tron
Sourced From: news.bitcoin.com/biggest-movers-bch-trx-snap-losing-streak-to-start-the-weekend/
Published Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2023 14:30:17 +0000

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