The Meme Coin Market: A $3 Billion Devaluation Since 2023

The meme coin market, once a booming sector, has seen a notable decrease of over $3 billion since the start of 2023. The two main culprits of this fall are none other than Dogecoin (DOGE), the market leader of meme coins, and Shiba Inu (SHIB), both witnessing a significant drop in their market capitalization.

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Struggling Market Leader

Dogecoin, the meme coin that leads the pack, has experienced a decline of $2.46 billion from January onwards, cementing its position as the tenth-largest cryptocurrency asset by overall market cap. Starting 2023 at a market cap of $10.83 billion, DOGE's value has now sunk to $8.37 billion. It's a disheartening decrease, but DOGE still dominates the $13.7 billion meme coin industry by contributing to 61.09% of its total value.

However, the past month hasn't been kind to DOGE. Its value has dipped by 2.8% in the recent week, and it has lost 4.4% of its worth against the U.S. dollar over the month.

Shiba Inu (SHIB): A Close Second in Decline

Shiba Inu (SHIB), another popular meme coin, has also been on a downward trajectory. Over the previous nine months, SHIB's market cap has fallen by approximately $1.22 billion. Despite the decrease, SHIB still holds a significant place in the meme coin market with a market cap of $4.12 billion as of October 15, 2023. It is down from its initial $5.34 billion at the beginning of the year but still constitutes 30% of the $13.7 billion meme coin ecosystem.

Similar to DOGE, SHIB has also experienced a decline in value over the past month. The coin has seen a decrease of 2.8% over the week and a 5.4% drop against the U.S. dollar over the month.

The Rise and Fall of Pepe and Dogelon Mars

While DOGE and SHIB struggle, Pepe (PEPE) brought a slight respite to the meme coin market by adding $284 million to its realm. Despite being introduced in April 2023, PEPE quickly climbed the ranks and at one point, glittered with a near $1.5 billion valuation. Alas, it too took a hit and has seen a drop of $1.216 billion since its market cap peak.

Meanwhile, Dogelon Mars (ELON), once the third-largest meme coin, has seen its market cap dwindle from $164 million to $71 million.

The Meme Coin Market: A Current Overview

As it stands, the meme coin sector registers $370 million in global trade volume amidst a total of $20.27 billion in transactions. This amounts to meme coin trades accounting for 1.824% of the total trade volume on October 15, 2023. The top climbers of the week were Arbdoge AI, Turbo, Kishu Inu, and Jesus Coin. On the other hand, the largest meme coin market losers included Meta Doge, Moma V2, MOG Coin, and Chihuahua Chain.

What's your take on the meme coin market losing $3.2 billion since the start of 2023? We'd love to hear your perspectives on this issue.

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Title: The Meme Coin Market: A $3 Billion Devaluation Since 2023
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Published Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2023 13:30:18 +0000

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