Stablecoin Market Rebounds — $5.48 Billion Growth in 22 Days

Stablecoins Experience Multi-Billion-Dollar Market Expansion in Three Weeks

Over the past few weeks, the market value of leading stablecoins has seen a significant increase. The economy of these fiat-pegged tokens has grown from $123.66 billion to the current $129.14 billion. This substantial growth of nearly $6 billion comes after the stablecoin industry lost tens of billions in the previous year. Notably, tokens such as BUSD, USDP, and USDC have experienced considerable redemptions in the last 12 months.

Recent data shows that from November 2 to November 24, 2023, spanning 22 days, the stablecoin market has expanded by $5.48 billion. In the past 24 hours, fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies have achieved a trading volume of $50.74 billion, compared to the global total trading volume of $88.65 billion.

The metrics indicate that stablecoin swaps make up 57.23% of the overall trading volume worldwide. Tether (USDT) leads with a market value of $88.59 billion, accounting for 68.59% of the total $129.14 billion market capitalization and 5.93% of the entire $1.4 trillion crypto economy.

Market Cap Growth of Leading Stablecoins

In the last 22 days, USDT's market cap has increased by 4.24%. Usd coin (USDC) has also experienced modest growth since November 2, with its market cap rising 0.81% from $24.5 billion to the current $24.7 billion.

DAI's market value has risen by 43.2%, while trueusd's (TUSD) supply has decreased by 5.38% since November 2. BUSD has been on a decline throughout the year following Paxos's decision to stop minting BUSD.

Twenty-two days ago, BUSD's market cap was at $1.95 billion, which has now fallen to $1.74 billion, a 10.76% drop. The newcomer first digital usd (FDUSD) has seen its market value increase from $590 million to $733 million, marking a 24.23% rise.

Tron's USDD fell slightly from $725 million, down by 0.82% to the current $719 million. Frax Dollar (FRAX) also saw a slight decrease of 0.44%, going from $671 million to $668 million in the same period.

Paxos, which supports the issuance of Paypal's PYUSD, observed a 1.10% reduction in the supply of pax dollar (USDP) from $453 million to $448 million. The tenth-largest stablecoin by market value, liquity usd (LUSD), experienced a drop in its supply from $220 million to $205 million. The market capitalizations of alchemix usd (ALUSD) and paypal usd (PYUSD) remained relatively unchanged.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the stablecoin market in the past three weeks? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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