South American Gold Miner Nilam Resources Acquires 24,800 Bitcoin

Introduction to Nilam Resources Agreement

Nilam Resources, Inc., a company focused on precious metal mining in Peru, has recently announced its agreement to acquire 24,800 bitcoins. This strategic move involves entering into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Xyberdata Ltd., a significant step towards expanding its asset portfolio in the digital currency space.

Details of the Agreement

The agreement entails Nilam Resources acquiring 100% of the common stock of a special purpose entity named MindWave, to be established in Mauritius. MindWave will serve as the entity holding the 24,800 bitcoins, along with other assets crucial to the transaction.

CEO's Enthusiasm

Pranjali More, the CEO of Nilam Resources, Inc., expressed great enthusiasm about the agreement, highlighting the extensive efforts put in by the team to finalize all necessary agreements and due diligence. The move to acquire bitcoins is seen as a significant step towards embracing the digital evolution of financial transactions, with Bitcoin being recognized as the "Gold Standard" in the digital economy.

Acquisition Terms and Future Outlook

Details regarding the acquisition will be outlined in definitive agreements, with MindWave expected to operate as a subsidiary of Nilam Resources, Inc. Shareholders of MindWave will have the opportunity to exchange their equity interest for a new class of Preferred Shares (Class C) issued by NILA, with conversion rights upon listing on NASDAQ or other liquidity events.

Positive Industry Response

Mr. Nadan, Director of Xyberdata Ltd., expressed confidence in the partnership, stating that the collaboration with Nilam Resources allows for synergy with leading Fintech experts. The track record of Xyberdata Ltd. in strategic partnerships and innovation within the industry further solidifies the potential success of this venture.


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By: Nik Hoffman
Title: South American Gold Miner Nilam Resources Acquires 24,800 Bitcoin
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Published Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2024 20:50:01 GMT

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