SEC Expected to Approve Spot Bitcoin ETFs on Wednesday

Anticipation Builds as SEC Decision on Spot Bitcoin ETFs Nears

Monday was a day filled with anticipation in the spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) race as 10 applicants filed their final amendments with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), meeting the regulator's 8 a.m. deadline. The market is abuzz with expectations of potential approvals, which sent BTC soaring past $47,000.

SEC Could Green-Light Multiple Applicants on Wednesday

According to a report from CNBC, the SEC is expected to unlock the gates for several spot bitcoin ETF applicants on Wednesday. Reporter Kate Rooney stated, "Bitcoin ETF is now widely expected to get the green light this week. Two sources close to the process are now telling me it's looking like Wednesday… The SEC is expected to approve a handful of applications at once."

Furthermore, Wednesday is also the deadline for the proposed spot bitcoin ETF from Cathie Wood's Ark Invest and 21shares. If approval does happen, potential trading could commence on Thursday or Friday.

Blackrock's Expectations Align with Wednesday Approval

Blackrock, the world's largest asset manager, is confident in the approval of its Ishares Bitcoin Trust on Wednesday. The company filed Form 8-A on Monday afternoon, officially registering the Trust as a security with the SEC. Blackrock has reportedly gathered over $2 billion for the launch of its spot bitcoin ETF.

Former SEC Chairman Jay Clayton is among those who believe that the SEC will approve spot bitcoin ETFs. In an interview with CNBC, Clayton stated, "I think approval is inevitable, and I think there is nothing left to decide."

A Fee War Emerges Among Spot Bitcoin ETF Issuers

The amendments filed on Monday revealed a fee war among spot bitcoin ETF issuers. Leading the pack is crypto asset manager Grayscale Investments, which has set a fee of 1.5%. On the other end of the spectrum, Bitwise offers the lowest fee of 0.24%, along with a fee waiver for the first $1 billion of trust assets for six months. The authorized participants named in the filings include Jane Street, Virtu, JPMorgan, ABN AMRO, Macquarie, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Marex Capital.

Will the SEC Approve Multiple Spot Bitcoin ETFs on Wednesday?

As the SEC decision on spot bitcoin ETFs looms, the question remains: will the SEC approve multiple applicants on Wednesday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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