Prospera Adopts Bitcoin as Unit of Account: Paving the Way for a Modern Economy

The First Steps Towards a Bitcoin-based Economy

The city of Prospera, located in Honduras, has recently made a groundbreaking decision by adopting bitcoin as a unit of account. This move allows companies to not only pay taxes but also determine their financial obligations in bitcoin. Since bitcoin has been recognized as legal tender in Prospera since 2022, this decision could potentially incentivize the development of a circular economy within the city.

The Support for Financial and Monetary Freedom

Jorge Colindres, the General Secretary of Prospera, strongly supports this decision. He believes in the right to financial freedom and monetary freedom, stating that individuals should have the freedom to carry out transactions, maintain their accounting records, and report taxes using the currency of their choice.

Paving the Way for a Modern Economic Ecosystem

By adopting bitcoin as a unit of account, Prospera opens up numerous possibilities for establishing a bitcoin circular economy. The city sees this move as an exciting opportunity for its residents and businesses, as it paves the way for a modern and efficient economic ecosystem in this pioneering city.

Challenges in Implementing Bitcoin-based Tax Payments

Although the adoption of bitcoin as a unit of account is a significant step forward, the payment of taxes with bitcoin is still on hold. This is due to external regulatory issues and technical limitations involving the electronic tax payment system that Prospera has adopted. As a result, tax duties will be declared in bitcoin but reported to authorities in either U.S. dollars or Honduran lempiras.

Prospera's Independent Decision

While there were rumors in the past about Honduras adopting bitcoin as legal tender in 2022, the central bank of the country quickly dispelled these rumors. They stated that bitcoin was not a regulated currency and did not have the status of legal tender. The central bank also warned about the dangers of cryptocurrencies due to their increasing popularity.

However, Prospera has the authority to make independent decisions under the Development and Employment Zone (ZEDE) designation. This autonomy has sparked criticism from some sectors of Honduran society, who view these zones as a violation of the country's constitution and sovereignty over the occupied territories.

Looking Towards the Future

The adoption of bitcoin as a unit of account in Prospera is a significant development in the world of cryptocurrencies and the economy in Latin America. It will be interesting to see how this decision unfolds and what impact it will have on the city's economic landscape. To stay updated on the latest developments in crypto and the economy in Latin America, be sure to sign up for our Latam newsletter. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this groundbreaking decision in the comments section below.

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