NFT Collections Drive Market Recovery With a 3.74% Increase in Weekly Sales

NFT Sales Defy Recent Downtrend

NFT sales have seen a 3.74% increase compared to the previous week, reaching a total of $236,234,800 over the past seven days. This recent surge goes against the trend of declining NFT sales in the previous weeks.

Top-performing NFT Collections

The standout NFT collection in terms of sales this week is Bitcoin's "Uncategorized Ordinals," which generated $12 million in sales, marking an impressive 36.90% increase from the previous week. Solana's "Froganas" collection also performed well, accumulating $7.79 million in sales, reflecting a 22.95% gain since the prior week. Avalanche's "Dokyo" collection recorded sales of $7.74 million, representing a 30.39% increase week over week.

Other notable NFT collections include the "Gods Unchained" card compilation on Immutable X and Mythos' "Dmarket" NFT collection. Both collections experienced increases in NFT sales, rising by 25.51% and 27.27%, respectively.

Ethereum Leads in Sales

When it comes to blockchain dominance in NFT sales, Ethereum took the lead this week with $76.74 million in sales, showing a solid 2.3% increase compared to the previous week. Bitcoin followed closely, claiming the second position with $63.93 million in sales, demonstrating a substantial 16.66% growth since the previous week.

Solana, although still performing well, secured the third rank with sales totaling $49.23 million, experiencing a slight 8.9% decline. In terms of notable blockchain gainers, Arbitrum made a significant leap with a 108.51% increase, while BNB Chain exhibited an 89.61% jump in its NFT sales performance this week.

Top-priced NFT Sales

The highest-priced NFT sale of the week goes to "Cryptopunk #5363," which fetched a staggering $1.53 million just three days ago. Other notable sales include the NFT titled "geth locked deposit" on Arbitrum, which sold for $344,075, and Solana's "Boogle #083," which found a new owner for $253,422. The Axie Infinity collection also had valuable NFTs sold, with "Durendal" fetching $244,275 three days ago. Bitcoin's "Punk #60" achieved a sale price of $169,266, making it one of the top five priciest NFTs of the week.

What are your thoughts on this week's NFT sales action? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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