National Pension Service of South Korea Acquires 282,673 Shares of Coinbase Global

The NPS Expands into Cryptocurrency Sector

The National Pension Service of South Korea, the world's third-largest pension fund, has made its first move into the cryptocurrency sector. Regulatory filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveal that the NPS acquired 282,673 shares of Coinbase Global in the third quarter of 2023, at a cost of approximately $20 million.

Overview of the National Pension Service

Established in 1988, the National Pension Service is South Korea's public pension fund. Overseen by the National Pension Service Investment Management (NPSIM), the scheme requires enrollment for both Korean citizens and foreign residents in Korea. With assets worth around $755 billion, the NPS manages a significant portfolio.

Investment in Coinbase Global

The recent SEC filing disclosed that the NPS invested in Coinbase Global, a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq. The pension fund purchased 282,673 shares of Coinbase at an average price of $70.5 per share, resulting in a total investment of $20 million.

Appreciation of Coinbase Shares

Since the NPS made its investment, the value of Coinbase shares has risen by 40%. Currently trading at $98.15 per share, the price reflects a significant 26% increase in the last month. The NPSIM's decision to invest in Coinbase shares aligns with a global trend where entities opt for lower-risk alternatives to direct cryptocurrency holdings.

Performance of the NPS

In 2022, the NPS experienced a negative accumulated return of -79.6 trillion won ($60.17 billion), leading to an annualized return of -8.22%. However, this year has been more favorable, with a positive return of 95.2 trillion won ($71.96 billion) so far. The NPS's recent move into the cryptocurrency sector may be an attempt to counterbalance the losses incurred last year.

Opinions on the Investment

What are your thoughts on the National Pension Service's $20 million investment in Coinbase shares? Do you believe it is a wise move for the pension fund to enter the cryptocurrency sector? Share your opinions and insights in the comments section below.

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