Mint and Trade Real-World Addresses Onchain With PropyKeys dApp, Part of Propy Ecosystem


PropyKeys, a new gamified application, part of the Propy ecosystem, has launched a decentralized application (dApp) game that allows users to mint and trade real-world addresses onchain. Powered by the PRO token and launched on Base, a layer-2 network operating on top of Ethereum and part of the Coinbase ecosystem, PropyKeys is revolutionizing the home addresses market.

The Problem with Real Estate

Real estate has always been hindered by barriers to entry, such as high title fees and inefficiencies. However, blockchain technology has the potential to simplify these processes. Propy and its ecosystem companies are striving to make homeownership more affordable, user-friendly, and seizure-resistant. With a market value of $280 trillion, the real estate industry has been stuck in a "no trading zone," but PropyKeys aims to change that by providing a fun entry point to the Propy ecosystem and introducing onchain titles.

Unlocking Property Ownership

PropyKeys addresses critical pain points in the real estate market:

Democratized Minting and Trading

PropyKeys allows crypto natives to mint addresses, stake them, and facilitate seamless trades with property owners. Address NFTs can be minted for a PRO token fee. Home address holders and real property owners have advantages for the three tiers of NFTs. The fee structure for minting onchain addresses and property titles incentivizes community participation, with 100% of the collected fees being redirected to reward the network of address owners. Staking and governance participation also provide opportunities for token holders to contribute and earn rewards in PRO tokens.

Onchain Titles & RWA NFTs

Property owners can elevate their addresses to onchain titles, which can be staked or converted into Real World Asset (RWA) NFTs. These NFTs enable easy sales or micro mortgages, opening up new avenues for property transactions.

Trust & Security

PropyKeys champions an onchain, open-source, and community-governed title registry, leveraging user trust. By replacing paper deeds with algorithm-based systems, the platform ensures a trustworthy and secure environment for all users.

Get Your Real-World Address Minted Today

Visit today to mint your real-world address onchain and join the movement to empower accessible property transactions and ownership like never before. PropyKeys embodies trust and transparency, revolutionizing the real estate market by transitioning from conventional property registries to blockchain-based onchain titles. This shift instills trust in algorithms rather than centralized intermediaries and has the potential to transform not just the real estate sphere but also society as a whole.

About Propy

Propy is a pioneering platform that leverages blockchain technology to facilitate seamless transactions of real-world assets (RWA), with a focus on revolutionizing global real estate markets. As an industry leader, Propy specializes in providing secure and efficient solutions, ensuring an enhanced experience for buying and selling properties worldwide.

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