Jamie Dimon Advises Investors to Stay Away from Bitcoin: JPMorgan CEO’s Bitcoin Investing Advice


Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has recently shared his thoughts on bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing. In an interview with CNBC, he advised investors to stay away from bitcoin, highlighting his concerns about its use cases. However, Dimon also emphasized that he doesn't want to dictate anyone's investment decisions, as it is a free country.

JPMorgan CEO's Perspective on Bitcoin

Dimon acknowledged the significance of blockchain technology, describing it as a real and efficient technology that can facilitate the movement of money and data. However, he believes that cryptocurrencies can be categorized into two types. The first type includes cryptocurrencies that have embedded smart contracts and can be utilized for real estate transactions and other valuable purposes. Dimon sees potential in these types of cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, Dimon referred to the second type of cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, as a "pet rock" that does not offer any significant value. He reiterated his belief that bitcoin's main use cases are related to illicit activities, including money laundering, tax avoidance, and sex trafficking. He pointed out that the volume of bitcoin transactions associated with these activities is substantial. However, Dimon acknowledged individuals' right to invest in bitcoin, even though he personally advises against it.

Response to Blackrock's Involvement

When asked about the recent involvement of major asset managers like Blackrock and Fidelity in the bitcoin market, Dimon expressed indifference. He stated that he doesn't care about their actions and urged people to stop discussing it. Dimon added that he doesn't know how Blackrock's CEO, Larry Fink, views blockchain technology in comparison to cryptocurrencies that have actual use cases. Dimon emphasized that market dynamics are driven by people's opinions and concluded that he would refrain from further expressing his opinions on the matter.

Dimon's History with Bitcoin

Jamie Dimon has been a vocal skeptic of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long time. In December of the previous year, he even stated that he would shut down cryptocurrencies if he were in a position of power. His recent comments have sparked discussions on social media, with various individuals expressing their views on his stance.


Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has advised investors to steer clear of bitcoin. While acknowledging the potential of blockchain technology, Dimon remains skeptical about bitcoin's use cases and categorizes it as a cryptocurrency that does nothing. Despite his reservations, Dimon respects individuals' right to invest in bitcoin and acknowledges that it is ultimately their decision. The recent involvement of major asset managers in the bitcoin market, such as Blackrock, has not changed his stance, and he remains indifferent to their activities. Dimon's perspective on bitcoin has sparked discussions among industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

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Title: Jamie Dimon Advises Investors to Stay Away from Bitcoin: JPMorgan CEO's Bitcoin Investing Advice
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