India’s De-Dollarization Push Flounders as Oil Suppliers Cite Rupee Repatriation Concerns

India's Attempt to Pay for Oil in Rupees Fails

The Indian Oil Ministry recently admitted that its efforts to pay for oil with rupees have been unsuccessful due to concerns from suppliers about repatriating funds. The goal of this initiative was to reduce India's reliance on the U.S. dollar for cross-border transactions.

High Transactional Costs of Converting Rupees

The Indian oil ministry informed a parliamentary standing committee that the country's plan to have oil producers accept payment in the local currency has not been successful. One of the reasons cited by the ministry is the perceived high cost of converting rupees to other major currencies.

The ministry also stated that oil suppliers, including the United Arab Emirates' ADNOC, have expressed concerns about repatriating their earnings. According to a report in the Economic Times, some oil producers believe that the weakness of the rupee compared to the U.S. dollar makes it an unfavorable payment method.

The oil ministry said, "During FY 2022-23, no crude oil imports by oil PSUs were settled in the Indian rupee. Crude oil suppliers, including UAE's ADNOC, continue to express their concern on the repatriation of funds in the preferred currency and also highlighted high transactional costs associated with conversion of funds along with exchange fluctuation risks."

The report also revealed that the Indian Oil Company (IOC) paid a premium above the prevailing price, indicating the extent of India's failure in de-dollarization. Additionally, the country's oil ministry mentioned that the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd and oil public sector undertakings (PSUs) have not yet reached any agreement to pay in rupees with any supplier.

Partial Success in Non-Oil Trade Transactions

Although India's attempt to pay for oil with rupees has not been successful, its de-dollarization policy has achieved some success in certain non-oil trade transactions.

India's regional rival, China, has already established agreements with some oil-producing countries to settle payments in its currency, the yuan.

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Title: India’s De-Dollarization Push Flounders as Oil Suppliers Cite Rupee Repatriation Concerns
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