FTX Co-founder Alleges Misappropriation of Client Funds in Testimony

Former CTO Exposes Covert Diversion of Billions by FTX CEO

In a compelling account given to federal prosecutors on Friday, Gary Wang, the co-founder of FTX, made shocking allegations against CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. According to Wang, Bankman-Fried secretly redirected billions of dollars from customer accounts to fuel trades for his hedge fund, Alameda Research. Wang revealed that he was instructed by Bankman-Fried to create a specialized trading tool that allowed Alameda to overdraw its account without the knowledge of FTX clients.

Serious Claims Made by Wang on Second Day of Testimony

Gary Wang, formerly FTX's chief technology officer, shared details of how he and developer Nishad Singh engineered the "allow negative" feature, which enabled Alameda to trade on unbacked credit. Wang contradicted the narrative presented by Michael Lewis, author of "The Big Short," painting a grim picture of FTX's internal operations. He emphasized that FTX was not in a stable condition and that its assets were not secure.

The riveting testimony was live-streamed on the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, by journalist Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press. Additional accounts of the proceedings emerged from the courthouse. Wang disclosed that although Bankman-Fried justified the creation of the trading tool for Alameda's role as the primary market maker and for FTT token trades, its usage extended beyond these purposes.

Through this covert mechanism, Alameda was able to overdraw up to $100 million from customer funds. Wang's investigation in early 2020 uncovered Alameda's staggering negative balance of over $200 million, even as FTX reported revenues of only $150 million. It was revealed that the funds Alameda utilized were directly sourced from FTX's clients.

Russell Lee's summary of the proceedings exposed how Wang accused Bankman-Fried of deceiving the public. Bankman-Fried assured clients that their funds were safe, despite the fact that Alameda's deficit skyrocketed to a shocking negative $20 billion. Prosecutors presented a revealing spreadsheet in court to highlight this discrepancy. Wang emphasized that Alameda had an enormous credit line of $65 billion.

Following an accidental disclosure of Alameda's massive debt, Wang disclosed how Bankman-Fried arranged repayments to specific lenders, including Genesis Trading. Contrary to Bankman-Fried's public denials on platforms like Twitter and in the media, Wang asserted that these repayments were sourced from FTX's user base.

Wang described a tense period where he joined Bankman-Fried and associates in the Bahamas amid the unfolding crisis. After the bankruptcy declaration, Bankman-Fried allegedly instructed Wang to stop U.S. transactions and to collaborate with the more lenient regulators in the Bahamas.

Wang swiftly left the Caribbean on November 16 and began cooperating with U.S. authorities the very next day. He expressed his hope for avoiding prison time as a result of his cooperation with law enforcement officials.

What are your thoughts on Gary Wang's second day of testimony? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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