Former Terraform Labs Financial Officer Extradited to South Korea on Fraud Charges

The former financial officer of Terraform Labs, Han Chang-joon, has been extradited from Montenegro to South Korea to face criminal charges related to fraud. The Montenegro police confirmed that the decision to extradite Han was made by the country's Justice Ministry.

Facing Criminal Charges in South Korea

Han Chang-joon, who previously held the position of financial officer at Terraform Labs, has been extradited to South Korea, according to the Montenegro police. This extradition comes nearly a year after Han and Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon were apprehended while attempting to flee the country.

The police have stated that the Montenegro Justice Ministry made the decision to transfer Han into the custody of South Korean authorities. It was previously reported that Han and Do Kwon were arrested when authorities discovered counterfeit identity documents in their possession.

Both individuals were subsequently sentenced to four months in jail for this offense. While Do Kwon appealed the verdict, his appeal was reportedly rejected by a superior court in November 2023.

The Montenegro police explained their decision to extradite Han, stating:

"Han has been extradited to allow South Korean authorities to initiate criminal proceedings for several criminal offenses related to fraud in financial investment services, investments, and the capital market. These offenses are punishable by life imprisonment in South Korea."

However, regarding the extradition of Do Kwon, who is wanted by both South Korean and U.S. authorities, the lawyer representing the Terraform Labs co-founder stated that they are awaiting a court ruling on another appeal.

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By: Terence Zimwara
Title: Former Terraform Labs Financial Officer Extradited to South Korea on Fraud Charges
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Published Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2024 22:00:34 +0000

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