Former Monero Lead Maintainer Calls on Binance to Take a Stance on Privacy Coin Issue

Ricardo Spagni Urges Binance to Stand for Privacy Coins

Ricardo Spagni, the former lead maintainer of Monero, one of the most widely used privacy coins in the cryptocurrency market, has called on Binance to take a clear stance on the issue of privacy coins. Spagni believes that Binance's neutrality is doing a disservice to the entire industry and argues that any protocol-level changes to make Monero compliant are unnecessary.

Spagni Criticizes Binance's Position on Delisting Privacy-Focused Coins

In a recent post, Ricardo "Fluffypony" Spagni criticizes Binance's position, which could potentially lead to the delisting of privacy-focused coins in January. He argues that Binance should reconsider its stance, especially in light of a report by consulting firm Perkinscoie, which states that privacy coins protect legitimate individual and commercial privacy interests and that existing financial regulations adequately address any anti-money laundering concerns related to these coins.

Spagni further emphasizes that by not taking a stance, Binance is undermining personal privacy and opening the door to attacks against it. He points out that even Apple has taken a stance against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and urges Binance to stand up for privacy rights for everyone.

Monero Community's Stance on Privacy

According to reports, Binance may require privacy projects to create "exchange only" addresses without privacy shielding features. However, Spagni highlights that the Monero community prioritizes user privacy above all else and will never compromise on this goal. He firmly states that any protocol-level changes to compromise privacy will never be accepted by the Monero community.

In May, Binance had announced plans to delist 12 privacy coins, including Monero and Zcash, in certain European Union (EU) countries, citing local regulatory requirements. However, after receiving feedback from these projects and their communities, Binance reversed its decision, claiming that it had reviewed the classification of these coins to comply with EU-wide regulations.

What are your thoughts on Ricardo Spagni's statements? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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