Fidelity Gold IRA Review | Everything You Should Know

You may not be familiar with gold and other precious-metals IRAs, whether you are a new investor or an experienced mutual funds and IRAs investor. Fidelity offers a gold IRA that will help you learn more about the precious metal.

Fidelity Investments: A Brief History

Fidelity was founded in 1946 and has been providing innovative solutions to its investors. Fidelity has more than 200 Investor Centers across nine countries and four continents. It also offers exceptional online services to investors.

Fidelity's investor services are focused on financial planning, education, advice and wealth management for retirement. They also offer broker services to help with investments. No matter where you're at in your investment journey, Fidelity is ready to help you move forward.

Fidelity may seem to be the best choice for both new and experienced investors. With its wide array of investment options, and more than 42 million investors, Fidelity offers a lot. Brand recognition and history don't matter. What are your options with a Fidelity gold IRA?

Does Fidelity Gold IRA Trustworthy and Legitimate?

Fidelity offers a variety of investment options to its members. Fidelity offers a variety of investment solutions, including a gold ETF or precious metals IRA. However, the company does not specialize in precious materials as an investment option.

Opening a gold IRA through Fidelity has the primary advantage of trading in all four IRS approved metals, including gold, silver and platinum. Fidelity also offers a lower investment minimum than other gold IRA providers, with just $2,500.

Fidelity offers a variety of investment options for a gold IRA

Fidelity offers a precious-metals IRA but investors cannot open a self-directed IRA with Fidelity. Fidelity offers an IRA package that is backed by precious metals. When you buy their coins or bullion you may be buying "paper" gold.

Physical Precious Metal Products That They Offer

Fidelity has a variety of gold, platinum, and silver coins that you can deposit in your IRA. Palladium is sometimes available, but it's often not. Fidelity offers private, insured coin storage through FideliTrade or maintains its own depositories.

Fidelity offers several types of gold IRA accounts.

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Fidelity has several IRA options. These include a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, which is for trading in investments and borrowing money, and a Rollover 401(k), which protects your retirement plan if changing companies. Which account type offers the best gold investment options? Fidelity has gold options available for all of its regular IRAs. Just speak to an account manager about setting one up.

Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs offer a great way to save for your retirement, with their tax-deferred income and tax-deductible contributions. Your traditional IRA savings can be used for certain expenses such as college, buying your first home, adoption, or birth.

Roth IRA

Roth IRAs allow for more flexibility in withdrawals, allowing for tax-free withdrawals. How does it work? Your Roth IRA contribution comes from your earned income after taxes. You don't have to pay tax again on Roth IRA investments and contributions.

401(k), Gold Option

Open a new 401 (k) account or convert an existing one into an IRA account to manage all your retirement options under one account. This is particularly useful for those who are changing jobs and want to have options for retirement when moving to another company.

What are the eligibility requirements and contribution limits?

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Fidelity's gold IRA has some limitations. Fidelity does not offer a self-directed IRA. The second is the way you can purchase and store gold and other precious-metal investments within your IRA with Fidelity compared with dedicated gold IRA providers and precious metal investment companies.

Fidelity offers precious metals in the form of gold stocks, gold ETFs and other investments that you can put into your gold IRA. What do you need in order to get started with a Fidelity Gold IRA, though?

Age and income requirements

Fees for a gold IRA with Fidelity range between 0.99-2.9% of the amount held in your account and vary depending on the transaction. The fees for a Fidelity gold IRA range from 0.99-2.9% depending on the transaction. For example, you may pay a fee if you withdraw or transfer assets or purchase gold.

Contribution limits and rules

Fidelity Investments' $2,500 minimum investment makes it a more affordable gold-IRA for new investors compared to other gold-IRAs offered by dedicated providers. Other providers have higher minimum investment limits, which can range from $25,000 to $50,000. This can be a barrier for new investors.

Transfer and Rollover Options

Fidelity allows you to transfer or rollover an existing IRA. A financial advisor can help convert the money in your retirement account or other assets into gold or precious metals to be stored at a certified deposit.

The Pros and Con of Investing in a Gold IRA with Fidelity

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The low minimum deposit amount, the ease of access and the opportunity to work with a global investment firm are all advantages that come with investing in a Fidelity gold IRA. There are some potential downsides to the gold IRA options offered by Fidelity that serious precious metal investors might not appreciate, such as the impersonal customer service or the lack of a dedicated investment manager.

Many investors view the size of Fidelity's company as an asset, as it gives them the assurance that they are protected and have the right backing for their investment. However, some may see this as a disadvantage if they want to speak with an expert advisor regarding gold and precious metals.

Fidelity's customer service agents may not be qualified to provide advice on current metal prices or investment trends. Some investors may be disappointed with the service they receive when they ask about their next steps for their retirement or investment plan.

What are the advantages of a gold IRA with Fidelity specifically?

The Benefits of Choosing a Gold IRA through Fidelity

Fidelity is a great choice for investment because the entry barrier is lower than other precious metal firms. Gold IRAs are much more affordable with only $2,500 required to open them.

Fidelity also charges fees based upon purchases and deposits to the IRA, rather than an annual fee on the balance like other precious metal IRA providers. Fees range from 0.99-2.9% depending on the type and amount of transaction.

Possible Drawbacks and Considerations

Fidelity's customer service agents may not be able to answer all questions because they aren't experts in precious metals or retirement accounts.

Fidelity assigns only a team to manage accounts above $50,000 and a dedicated advisor to accounts over $250,000. The majority of major gold IRA companies provide a dedicated advisor or account manager for every customer. These advisors are experts in purchasing and investing in precious metals, including gold and silver for gold or Silver IRAs.

Fees and costs associated with a Fidelity Gold IRA

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Fidelity's gold IRA option removes the high entry barrier that other gold buying investment firms have. What are the fees that an investor might incur when they consider a Fidelity gold IRA?

Account Maintenance Fees

Some providers charge even more. Most charge an annual maintenance fee of $200-250. These fees may vary depending on the features you select, like personal insurance beyond that provided by the depository. Fidelity does not charge the typical account fee that other firms do.

Transaction fees and Expenses

Fidelity does not charge account maintenance fees. Instead, they charge fees of 0.99-2.9% depending on the transaction type and amount bought, deposited or sold. The fee percentage will be lower if you buy or sell more than one item in a transaction. This is a benefit to experienced investors who can save more money.

Final thoughts on choosing a gold IRA from Fidelity

Fidelity offers a great option to beginners who are just starting out in the world of precious metals and gold. Fidelity's low-minimum investment makes it more accessible to new investors, who may not have accumulated a substantial retirement fund.

Fidelity offers a good choice to investors who are looking for a balanced IRA that includes all four IRS-approved metals: gold, palladium and platinum. Some precious metal companies offer silver or gold but few do so in the form of coins, bars or bullion. Fidelity is one such company.

Fidelity is not the best option if you are an experienced investor who wants dedicated customer service. Find out more about the gold IRA providers by checking our list of best gold IRA firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What proportion of your portfolio should you have in precious metals

To answer this question we need to first define precious metals. Precious metals have elements with an extremely high worth relative to other commodity. This makes them valuable in investment and trading. The most traded precious metal is gold.

There are also many other precious metals such as platinum and silver. The price volatility of gold can be unpredictable, but it is generally stable during periods of economic turmoil. It is also unaffected significantly by inflation and Deflation.

In general, all precious metals have a tendency to go up with the market. That said, they do not always move in lockstep with each other. The price of gold tends to rise when the economy is not doing well, but the prices of the other precious metals tends downwards. Investors expect lower interest rates which makes bonds less appealing investments.

The opposite effect happens when the economy is strong. Investors are more inclined to invest in safe assets, such as Treasury Bonds, and they will not demand precious metals. Since these are scarce, they become more expensive and decrease in value.

Diversifying across precious metals is a great way to maximize your investment returns. Furthermore, because the price of precious Metals fluctuates, it is best not to focus on just one type of precious Metals.

What Is a Precious Metal IRA?

You can diversify your retirement savings by investing in precious metal IRAs. This allows you to invest in gold, silver and platinum as well as iridium, osmium and other rare metals. These are “precious metals” because they are hard to find, and therefore very valuable. These are excellent investments that will protect your wealth from inflation and economic instability.

Precious metals are sometimes called “bullion.” Bullion refers actually to the metal.

Bullion can be purchased via a variety of channels including online sellers, large coin dealers, and grocery stores.

With a precious metal IRA, you invest in bullion directly rather than purchasing shares of stock. This allows you to receive dividends every year.

Precious Metal IRAs don’t require paperwork nor have annual fees. Instead, you pay only a small percentage tax on your gains. Plus, you get free access to your funds whenever you want.

Which precious metals are best to invest in retirement?

Gold and silver are the best precious metal investments. They are both simple to purchase and sell, and they have been around for a long time. Consider adding them to the list if you're looking to diversify and expand your portfolio.

Gold: Gold is one the oldest forms currency known to man. It's also very safe and stable. Because of this, it is considered a great way of preserving wealth during times when there are uncertainties.

Silver: Investors have always loved silver. It's an ideal choice for those who prefer to avoid volatility. Silver tends instead to go up than down, which is unlike gold.

Platinium is another precious metal that is becoming increasingly popular. It's resistant to corrosion and durable, similar to gold and silver. However, it's much more expensive than either of its counterparts.

Rhodium: Rhodium can be used in catalytic convertors. It is also used for jewelry making. And, it's relatively cheap compared to other types of precious metals.

Palladium: Palladium is similar to platinum, but it's less rare. It's also more affordable. This is why it has become a favourite among investors looking for precious metals.

What should I pay into my Roth IRA

Roth IRAs can be used to save taxes on your retirement funds. These accounts are not allowed to be withdrawn before the age of 59 1/2. There are some rules that you need to keep in mind if you want to withdraw funds from these accounts before you reach 59 1/2. First, you cannot touch your principal (the original amount deposited). No matter how much money you contribute, you cannot take out more than was originally deposited to the account. If you decide to withdraw more money than what you contributed initially, you will need to pay taxes.

The second rule is that your earnings cannot be withheld without income tax. Also, taxes will be due on any earnings you take. Consider, for instance, that you contribute $5,000 per year to your Roth IRA. Let's also say that you earn $10,000 per annum after contributing. Federal income taxes would apply to the earnings. You would be responsible for $3500 So you would only have $6,500 left. The amount you can withdraw is limited to the original contribution.

You would still owe tax on $1,500 if you took out $4,000 of your earnings. You'd also lose half the earnings that you took out, as they would be subject to a second 50% tax (half of 40%). So even though your Roth IRA ended up having $7,000, you only got $4,000.

Two types of Roth IRAs are available: Roth and traditional. A traditional IRA allows for you to deduct pretax contributions of your taxable income. Your traditional IRA allows you to withdraw your entire contribution plus any interest. A traditional IRA can be withdrawn up to the maximum amount allowed.

A Roth IRA doesn't allow you to deduct your contributions. But once you've retired, you can withdraw the entire contribution amount plus any accrued interest. There is no minimum withdrawal requirement, unlike traditional IRAs. You don't need to wait until your 70 1/2 year old age before you can withdraw your contribution.

What precious metal should I invest in?

The answer to this question depends on how much risk you are willing to take and what type of return you want. Although gold has been considered a safe investment, it is not always the most lucrative. If you are looking for quick profits, gold might not be the right investment. Silver is a better investment if you have patience and the time to do it.

If you're not looking to make quick money, gold is probably your best choice. Silver may be a better option for investors who want long-term steady returns.


  • The price of gold jumped 131 percent from late 2007 to September 2011, when it hit a high of $1,921 an ounce, according to the World Gold Council. (
  • Gold is considered a collectible, and profits from a sale are taxed at a maximum rate of 28 percent. (
  • Instead, the economy improved, stocks rebounded, and gold plunged, losing 28 percent of its value in 2013. (
  • This is a 15% margin that has shown no stable direction of growth but fluctuates seemingly at random. (
  • You can only purchase gold bars at least 99.5% purity. (

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How To

How to hold physical gold in an IRA

The best way to invest in Gold is by purchasing shares of companies that produce it. However, there are risks associated with this strategy. It isn't always possible for these companies to survive. Even if they do survive, there is still the possibility of losing money to fluctuating gold prices.

Alternative options include buying physical gold. You will need to either open an online or bank account or simply buy gold from a reliable seller. This option offers the advantages of being able to purchase gold at low prices and easy access (you don’t need to deal directly with stock exchanges). It is also easier to check how much gold you have stored. So you can see exactly what you have paid and if you missed any taxes, you will get a receipt. You're also less susceptible to theft than investing with stocks.

However, there are disadvantages. For example, you won't benefit from banks' interest rates or investment funds. You can't diversify your holdings, and you are stuck with the items you have bought. Finally, the taxman might want to know where your gold has been placed! is the best website to learn about gold purchases in an IRA.


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