DLCs Evolving To Meet Institutional Needs


Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) have been around since 2017, when Thaddeus Dryja, co-creator of the Lightning Network protocol, proposed this concept. DLCs are smart contract structures that aim to address three key issues with previous contract schemes: scalability, data integration, and user privacy.

Scalability and Contract Footprints

The scalability of smart contracts was a major concern before the introduction of DLCs. These contracts required larger on-chain footprints to accommodate a wider range of potential outcomes. DLCs solved this problem by implementing a simple scheme. Two parties create a multisig address and select an oracle. They then create Contract Execution Transactions (CETs) that interact with the oracle. For example, if the oracle announces the price of Bitcoin, the participants can place bets on the price. The oracle publishes commitments to the messages it will sign to announce the price. Each CET is encrypted using adapter signatures, and the signatures can only be decrypted using information from the signed oracle message. This ensures the privacy of users and allows for efficient settlement of the contract.

Data Integration and Oracles

Prior to DLCs, getting external data into the blockchain for contract settlement was a challenge. DLCs solved this issue by utilizing oracles. Oracles publish commitments to messages for the data they are responsible for. Participants in the DLC can use this information to make informed decisions. The use of oracles also ensures that the oracles themselves have no insight into the identities of the participants using them, further enhancing privacy.

Trust and Oracle Behavior

One important distinction between DLCs and traditional escrow multisig contracts is how oracles can impact the settlement process. In the escrow model, an oracle can selectively harm a user by signing for an improper settlement. However, in the DLC model, oracles cannot act maliciously towards a single party because they don't know who is using them. When an oracle signs a message, it is used to settle every DLC connected to that message and time.

Coordination Challenges

While DLCs offer significant advantages, they also present coordination challenges. Depending on the nature of the contract, there could be a large number of CETs to cover all potential outcomes. This can lead to network issues and potential DoS attacks. Another challenge is the potential for a free option problem, where a party with the complete funding signature chooses not to broadcast it. This can be mitigated with on-chain transactions.

Introducing DLC Markets

LN Markets, a leading player in the DLC space, has developed a new DLC specification tailored towards institutional actors. The existing DLC projects have primarily focused on retail consumers, leaving room for modifications to meet the needs of larger institutions.

Addressing Institutional Needs

LN Markets' DLC specification addresses key issues faced by institutional customers. One issue is the free options problem, which is unacceptable in an institutional environment. The lack of margin calls and the need for efficient capital utilization are also important considerations for institutions.

The Role of DLC Coordinators

To address these issues, LN Markets introduces the concept of a DLC coordinator. Instead of direct peer-to-peer coordination, the coordinator facilitates contract negotiations. This eliminates the free options problem as the coordinator holds the necessary signatures for funding the contract. The coordinator is incentivized to submit the funding transaction by including a fee payment.

Efficient Coordination Process

The involvement of a coordinator also streamlines the coordination process. Participants can register an xpub and UTXOs with the coordinator, along with their contract terms. When someone accepts an existing offer, the coordinator has all the information needed to construct CETs. The coordinator provides the CETs to the accepting party for verification and signing. The original offerer then verifies and signs the CETs upon accepting the counterparty. The coordinator combines the signatures and submits the funding transaction.

Liquidations and Additional Margin

The coordinator's involvement also enables reliable communication for handling liquidations and adding additional margin. Special settlement transactions are included for periods leading up to the contract expiry. If the price is outside the contract range at any of these liquidation points, the contract can be settled earlier. The coordinator facilitates the coordination of adding margin and allows parties to withdraw funds if one is under-collateralized. This dynamic improves liquidity management and ensures contracts can adapt to changing market conditions.

The Potential Impact

Although the modifications to DLC specifications may seem small, they have the potential to significantly expand the use cases of DLCs. By addressing the needs of institutional investors and pools of capital, DLCs can become a powerful tool in capital and financial markets' use of Bitcoin. Just as the Lightning Network revolutionized transactional use of Bitcoin, DLCs have the potential to do the same for capital markets.


While this proposal may not be the primary use case for everyone, it is crucial to recognize its potential for growth and its ability to meet the needs of larger economic actors. As an open system, Bitcoin allows for innovation and the development of diverse use cases. DLCs tailored for institutional needs exemplify the versatility of Bitcoin as a financial instrument.

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