Crypto App Shakepay Reports Data Breach Affecting a Limited Number of Customers

Shakepay, a Canadian crypto app, has recently announced a data breach that resulted in unauthorized access to personal information belonging to a specific group of its customers. The breach was detected on December 13, 2023, and while it compromised data, it did not impact any bank accounts, crypto wallets, or customer credentials.

Shakepay Addresses Data Breach Concerns and Offers Free Credit Monitoring

Following the breach at Shakepay, which offers commission-free services for trading bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), the company took immediate action to address the situation. The breach was identified through unusual activity on an employee's work device, prompting Shakepay's security team to quickly respond by deauthenticating and removing the compromised device from their network. This swift action was part of the company's incident response protocol, designed to minimize the impact of such breaches.

An investigation conducted by Shakepay revealed that the breach was active between March and December 2023, and during this period, personal details of a small group of customers were extracted. The potentially exposed information includes names, emails, addresses, birth dates, phone numbers, occupations, trusted contacts, account balances, and transaction history. This incident sheds light on the increasing challenges faced by digital currency platforms in safeguarding user data.

Several individuals on social media platforms expressed their concerns and frustrations about the breach. While acknowledging the breach, Shakepay assured its customers that it takes the security of their data seriously and is committed to maintaining their trust. The company advised customers to remain vigilant and take protective measures, such as upgrading to stronger account security methods like two-factor authentication, being cautious of suspicious communications, and regularly changing passwords. It emphasized the importance of logging in only through official channels and using unique, strong passwords.

To support affected customers, Shakepay has implemented additional security measures and is offering two years of free credit monitoring to help mitigate the risks of identity theft. The company has also established a dedicated email address for affected customers and is actively collaborating with law enforcement and regulatory authorities to investigate the breach and prevent future incidents.

Shakepay's message to its customers concluded with a reassurance that the security of their money and personal information remains the company's top priority. It stated that Shakepay will continue to closely monitor the situation, utilize every available resource to protect customers' personal data, and take action against bad actors.

What are your thoughts on the Shakepay data breach incident? Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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Title: Crypto App Shakepay Reports Data Breach Affecting a Limited Number of Customers
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Published Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2023 22:00:27 +0000

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