Critics Alarmed as 2 Major Mining Pools Dominate Over 50% of Bitcoin Hashrate

Bitcoin Mining Pools Control Majority of Hashrate

Crypto analyst Chris Blec recently raised concerns about the dominance of two major mining pools in the Bitcoin network, which now control over half of the total hashrate. Blec suggests that this concentration of power could lead to the transformation of the bitcoin mining industry, with regulatory standards and the implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines becoming mandatory for all miners.

Overview of Bitcoin's Hashrate Control

At present, Antpool holds the largest share of Bitcoin's total hashrate, accounting for 30%. Foundry USA closely follows with a 26% share. Together, these two pools exert a significant influence, controlling 56% of the network's 468 exahash per second (EH/s) hashrate. Chris Blec, a respected figure in the crypto research community, emphasized the seriousness of the situation and clarified that his concerns are based on factual information rather than FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

According to Blec, the two largest bitcoin mining pools have been in control of over 50% of the hashrate for more than a year. These pools are compliant with regulations and require miners to adhere to KYC guidelines. As a result, the government has clear identification, visibility, and control over more than 50% of Bitcoin's miners in terms of hashrate. This concentration of power raises concerns about Bitcoin's decentralization and the impact on game theory.

Debating the Impact of Mining Pool Control

Some individuals argue that the dominance of these two pools is temporary and contingent upon their current behavior. Jon Black suggests that any misbehavior on their part could lead to a shift in hashrate towards smaller pools that do not require KYC compliance. However, Blec dismisses this theory as purely speculative.

Harry Beckwith counters Blec's argument, stating that mining pools should not be viewed as single players but rather as co-ops where individual miners have the freedom to make their own choices. Beckwith adds that if miners disagree with the direction of the co-op, they can switch to other pools.

The complex nature of hashrate control is an essential aspect of this ongoing debate. Under Stratum mining software version one (v1), pool operators handle the infrastructure and transaction selection for mining blocks. Individual miners contribute computational power but do not directly influence how this power is utilized. However, their ability to migrate to other pools if dissatisfied does impact the dynamics of the co-op.

The Impact of Stratum Mining Software

The introduction of Stratum version two (v2) brought significant changes to the dynamics of mining. This version includes "Job Negotiation," which empowers individual miners to choose transactions for their block templates, reducing the influence of pool operators on block contents. However, most pools currently use Stratum v1, with alternatives like Stratum-mining and BraiinsOS/BraiinsOS+ offering Stratum v2 functionality.

A report by highlights the division within the mining industry regarding the adoption of Stratum v2. Miners prefer v1 due to its ease of use, while developers continue to work on the full feature set of Stratum v2. This division between ASIC manufacturers and developers adds to the concerns about mining centralization.

The validity of concerns about mining centralization is underscored by the fact that Stratum v1 is not designed to handle the high hashrate levels experienced today. While bitcoin mining pools maintain their current practices, critics like Chris Blec argue that this alone is not enough.

Share your thoughts and opinions on Chris Blec's argument regarding mining centralization in the comments section below.

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