Core DAO Launches $5 Million ‘Innovation Fund’ to Support Africa-Based Web3 Developers


Core DAO, the foundation supporting Core Chain protocol, announced the launch of a $5 million fund to provide resources and networks for African Web3 builders. With a significant portion of Core DAO's community located in Africa, the foundation decided to establish a fund specifically aimed at supporting the continent's Web3 developers.

More Than Just a Regular Fund

The foundation, known as Core DAO, is the driving force behind the decentralized protocol Core Chain. Their $5 million fund aims to provide support to blockchain builders and projects in Africa. The fund will be accessible to qualifying projects and individuals through grants, builder programs, technical resources, and venture capital investments.

Rich Rines, an initial contributor at Core DAO, emphasized that the Core African Innovation Fund is more than just a regular fund. He stated, "The fund goes beyond just monetary support. We are aiming to truly nurture the next generation of builders and create a sustainable, interconnected blockchain future within the continent."

Driving Growth and Innovation in Africa

Brendan Sedo, another contributor at Core DAO, highlighted that the fund combines grants and venture capital investments to help developers enhance their products. Given that a significant portion of Core DAO's community is based in Africa, launching a fund to support the continent's Web3 builders was a logical step.

Core DAO's approach, as stated in their announcement, is focused on promoting long-term success and playing a pivotal role in driving innovation and growth within the African Web3 landscape. The foundation aims to support the best projects in the African Web3 space.

Appointment of Oluwashina Peter

As part of their strategy to strengthen their presence in Africa, Core DAO has appointed Oluwashina Peter as its first contributor from the continent.

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Title: Core DAO Launches $5 Million ‘Innovation Fund’ to Support Africa-Based Web3 Developers
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