Bitwise Unveils 10 Crypto Predictions for 2024: Bitcoin to Reach New All-Time High

Prediction 1: Bitcoin Trading Above $80,000

Crypto asset manager Bitwise has made 10 predictions for the crypto market in 2024. The first prediction states that Bitcoin will trade above $80,000, setting a new all-time high. Bitwise believes that two major factors will contribute to this price surge. The anticipated launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF in early 2024 and the halving of new Bitcoin supply around the end of April will drive the price upwards.

Prediction 2: Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Bitwise also predicts the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The asset manager believes that spot Bitcoin ETFs will not only be approved but will also be the most successful ETF launch of all time. Within five years, Bitwise estimates that these ETFs could capture 1% of the $7.2 trillion U.S. ETF market, amounting to $72 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Prediction 3: Doubling of Coinbase's Revenue

Bitwise predicts that the revenue of Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will double, surpassing Wall Street expectations by at least 10 times. The firm attributes this growth to increased trading volumes during bull markets and the successful launch of new products by Coinbase.

Prediction 4: Financial Advisors Allocating to Crypto

According to Bitwise, one in four financial advisors will allocate funds to cryptocurrency in their clients' accounts by the end of 2024. The asset manager anticipates that as Bitcoin becomes more accessible, more advisors will recognize its potential and allocate funds accordingly.

Prediction 5: Ethereum's Growing Revenue

Bitwise expects Ethereum's revenue to more than double to $5 billion in 2024. The firm predicts that users will pay around $2.3 billion in fees to use Ethereum in 2023, and this amount will at least double as more users adopt crypto applications.

Prediction 6: Ethereum's Average Transaction Cost Reduction

Bitwise believes that a major upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain will significantly reduce the average transaction cost to below $0.01. This upgrade, known as EIP-4844, could pave the way for mainstream applications in the crypto space.

Prediction 7: AI Assistants Using Crypto

The asset manager predicts that AI assistants will start using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or stablecoins to pay for online transactions. Bitwise sees this as a step towards affirming crypto as the native currency of the internet. The firm expects this trend to begin in 2024.

Prediction 8: Stablecoins Settling More Money Than Visa

Bitwise believes that more money will be settled using stablecoins than using Visa. The asset manager sees stablecoins gaining popularity as a digital native currency that offers stability and efficiency in transactions.

Prediction 9: Tokenization of Real-World Assets

Bitwise predicts that JPMorgan will tokenize a fund and launch it on-chain, signaling Wall Street's increasing interest in tokenizing real-world assets. This move could potentially revolutionize traditional finance and open up new opportunities in the crypto market.

Prediction 10: Prediction Markets as the New 'Killer App' for Crypto

Bitwise expects that prediction markets will emerge as a new "killer app" for the crypto industry. The firm predicts that more than $100 million will be staked in prediction markets, showcasing their potential to attract users and drive engagement.

Last week, Vaneck, another asset management firm, released its own set of crypto predictions for 2024. Vaneck believes that Bitcoin will reach an all-time high in Q4 2024, potentially influenced by political events and regulatory changes following a U.S. presidential election. What are your thoughts on Bitwise's 10 crypto predictions for 2024? Let us know in the comments section below.

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