Bitget’s Global Survey Reveals Optimistic Outlook for Bitcoin Prices

Anticipating Bitcoin Price Range During the Halving Period

A recent international survey conducted by Bitget has shed light on the crypto market's hopeful perspective. The survey gathered insights from nearly 10,000 individuals across various regions, including West Europe, East Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, MENA, and Latin America. The results reveal that more than half of the participants globally anticipate bitcoin prices to hover between $30,000 and $60,000 during the halving period, which is expected to occur around April 2024. Additionally, 30% of the respondents foresee the price exceeding the $60,000 mark.

Strong Belief in Bitcoin's Growth

Bitget's survey also uncovered a robust conviction among investors regarding bitcoin's capacity to surpass its previous peak by 2024. A staggering 84% of the participants foresee substantial growth preceding the forthcoming halving event. This comprehensive survey provided valuable insights into the worldwide investor sentiment surrounding crypto assets.

Global Enthusiasm for Bitcoin as an Investment Option

The study, which engaged nearly 10,000 people from diverse regions, reflects the extensive enthusiasm and hope placed in digital currencies as a legitimate investment option. It showcases a global consensus on the likelihood of significant market expansion. The survey's findings highlight the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment and indicate that 2024 will be a significant year for the bitcoin market, according to Gracy Chen, Bitget's managing director.

Bitcoin's Journey Towards New Price Highs

The survey results underscore a dominant belief among investors in bitcoin's journey towards new price highs. The majority of participants view the fourth reward halving event as a pivotal juncture that could propel the premier cryptocurrency to unprecedented levels. This optimism is supported by historical patterns, as previous halvings have triggered notable market surges.

Investment Trends and Future Plans

Aside from optimistic forecasts for bitcoin's pricing, the survey also revealed investment trends. Approximately 70% of the respondents expressed their intention to bolster their crypto asset holdings in the coming year. This intention is particularly pronounced among individuals from MENA and East Europe, indicating a greater eagerness to increase investments in digital currencies. Notably, investors from Western Europe exhibited a "short-term cautious, long-term optimistic" outlook.

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