Bitcoin Dominates NFT Market with $853 Million in December Sales

Bitcoin Holds Top Spot in December NFT Sales

Bitcoin has continued its reign in the non-fungible token (NFT) market, securing the leading position in December with a staggering $853 million in sales. This comes after Bitcoin claimed the top spot in November as well, solidifying its dominance in the NFT space.

Record-Breaking December NFT Sales

December witnessed a significant surge in NFT sales, with a total of $1.7 billion in transactions. This marked a remarkable 69% increase compared to November's figures. Despite a slight decline of over 35% in the past week, Bitcoin remained at the forefront of NFT sales across different blockchains.

Bitcoin Outperforms Ethereum in NFT Sales

Bitcoin's NFT sales reached an impressive $853 million in December, surpassing Ethereum's sales of $364.79 million. BTC-focused NFT sales were 2.34 times greater than ETH's, highlighting Bitcoin's strong position in the NFT market. Solana secured the third spot with approximately $325.14 million in NFT sales, experiencing a remarkable 312% increase from November's figures. Polygon and Arbitrum followed closely behind in NFT sales.

Notable NFT Transactions in December

December saw several notable NFT transactions, including a digital copy of Vincent Van Gogh's Self-portrait, 1888, which sold for $1.19 million. Ethereum hosted the sale of Frxethredemption Ticket #33, generating $638,433 in sales. Cardano's Deep Vision #05128 fetched $551,750, while BNB's Lockdealnft #91 garnered $329,824. Solana's Boogle #009 completed the list of the top five most expensive NFTs in December, selling for $274,209.

Bitcoin Dominates Top Ten NFT Collections

Out of the top ten NFT collections in terms of sales, seven of them are based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Solana's Tensorians secured the fifth position, while the Mad Lads collection held the eighth spot. Arbitrum's Sentry Node collection took the ninth position. In December, there were a total of 11,290,812 NFT transactions involving 469,389 sellers and 600,744 NFT buyers.

Bitcoin's Sustained Dominance in the NFT Market

As Bitcoin continues to dominate NFT sales in November and December, the crypto community eagerly awaits to see if this trend will be sustained or if it will be a temporary moment of dominance. Only time will tell if Bitcoin can maintain its lead or if other cryptocurrencies will reshape the NFT landscape.

What are your thoughts on the NFT sales in December? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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