Binance and Coinbase Hold 11% of Crypto Economy’s Net Value, Leading in BTC and ETH Reserves

Binance and Coinbase's Market Grip

Statistical data reveals that Binance and Coinbase, two dominant players in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, collectively possess 11.85% of the $1.68 trillion digital currency economy. Moreover, these leading trading platforms control 7.83% of the total bitcoin supply, underscoring their significant market influence.

Market Leadership and Trading Volume

Binance and Coinbase rank as the world's top crypto exchanges in terms of their daily trading volumes and the cryptocurrency reserves they manage. In the most recent 24-hour period on Saturday, Binance led with a substantial $15.87 billion in trading activity, while Coinbase secured its position as the weekend's second-largest exchange with $2.91 billion in trades.

Cryptocurrency Reserves

Onchain data sourced from Arkham Intelligence further reveals that these exchanges collectively maintain cryptocurrencies valued at $199.14 billion, which represents 11.85% of the entire value of the crypto economy. Binance leads the pack with $136.47 billion, while Coinbase holds around $62.67 billion in crypto value. In terms of bitcoin (BTC) holdings, Coinbase holds 978,577 BTC, while Binance commands 666,922 BTC.

BTC and ETH Holdings

Combined, these two exchanges control 1,645,499 BTC, which is worth $70.49 billion at current exchange rates, or 7.83% of BTC's 21 million capped supply. Additionally, Coinbase and Binance command approximately 8.39% of the 19,597,705 BTC in circulation. In terms of ethereum (ETH), Binance holds 4.47 million, while Coinbase has an even larger stash with 7.058 million ether.

BNB and Other Assets

Binance's largest stash of crypto assets according to Arkham is the 164.54 million BNB, which is worth $49.70 billion. The company's BTC stash is the second largest, and tether (USDT) is the third largest asset by value on Binance, as the exchange owns 25.39 billion USDT. Besides ether, the fifth largest asset by value is FDUSD, and Binance commands 1.9 billion.

As for Coinbase, besides BTC and ETH, the third largest asset by value on the San Francisco-based exchange is LINK, as it owns 77.67 million worth $1.11 billion. The fourth largest asset is USDC with 575.63 million, and the company's stash of 921.875 BNB is in fourth place, worth $278 million. Other notable coin reserves on Coinbase include 930 million GRT, 11.91 million UNI, and 160 million ZRX.

Implications for the Crypto Sector

The dominance of Binance and Coinbase in the crypto sector is a testament to the evolving landscape of digital finance. Their substantial holdings in various cryptocurrencies not only highlight their market strength but also signal an industry where key players exert considerable influence. This concentration of crypto assets may shape the future trajectory of digital currency markets, potentially impacting future trends, bitcoin's overall liquidity, and the broader financial ecosystem.

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By: Jamie Redman
Title: Binance and Coinbase Hold 11% of Crypto Economy’s Net Value, Leading in BTC and ETH Reserves
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Published Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2024 21:30:31 +0000

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