Argentine Foreign Minister: Financial Contracts Can Now Be Denominated in BTC

The Argentine Foreign Minister has announced that financial contracts can now be denominated in Bitcoin or any other medium of exchange chosen by the parties involved. Additionally, debtors will be required to deliver the designated currency, regardless of its legal tender status in the Republic.

Pressure Mounts on Milei to Dollarize

The Argentinian Foreign Affairs Minister, Diana Mondino, has revealed that financial contracts can now be denominated in Bitcoin. Mondino stated that residents can settle contracts using any medium of exchange agreed upon by the parties involved.

These statements by a prominent member of the newly elected Argentinian government are seen as a sign of President Javier Milei's commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises. Milei, a proponent of Bitcoin, repeatedly pledged to implement significant changes if elected as the country's next president. These changes include dollarizing the economy and abolishing the central bank.

However, since his inauguration on December 10, supporters of Milei's dollarization promise, such as Johns Hopkins University professor Steve Hanke, have urged him to fulfill this commitment. Despite these demands, the president has not only rejected them but has also chosen to devalue the country's currency, the peso, by over 50%.

Return of the Barter Trade System

Mondino's statements suggest that the Argentine government no longer considers the peso as the sole legal medium of exchange.

"And also any other crypto and/or commodities such as kilograms of steel or liters of milk. Article 766 states: Obligation of the debtor. The debtor must deliver the corresponding amount of the designated currency, whether the currency is legal tender in the Republic or not," added the Foreign Minister.

Other recent measures announced by the Milei government include the reduction of fuel and transport subsidies, the streamlining of government ministries, and the modernization of labor laws.

However, some social media users have ridiculed Mondino's statements, suggesting that the government aims to emulate the Central African Republic, the only African country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

One social media user, Martha Lamartha, sarcastically responded to the Foreign Minister's call for a return to a barter trade system.

"Hello Diana Pressioa, I have a friend named Trisha who is a dentist. I can arrange for you to have a dental cleaning in exchange for 5 lemons, two bags, a karate kid video cassette, and a replica of Burako the monster with the endless hole," Lamartha wrote.

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